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  1. Normaal?
  2. Sound system set up
  3. New Coheed and Cambria!
  4. Can you buy a modern "mix tape"?
  5. Vinyl records
  6. New To Country
  7. Chiptunes=WIN Volume 7 submissions are open.
  8. If you like freestyle rap...
  9. So I Bought a Twin Reverb...
  10. Music of the Spheres
  11. Cigar Box Guitars & Basses
  12. The Hold Steady? Separation Sunday?
  13. New A Perfect Circle!
  14. Alternative Rock 1999-2007
  15. this chic could play for dream theater she in my 5 for guitar players
  16. Fretless BB2000 Bass - Anyone Guess the Value?
  17. Like to swing?
  18. //
  19. Metal musicians write a country song in 24 hours
  20. Idly checking for low-volume CD printers.
  21. Band evolution
  22. what is or are worst concert you gone too.
  23. What's the best concert you've ever been to?
  24. Ayreon - The Source will be out at end of month
  25. Hanggai - Mongolian Rock
  26. For the guitarists
  27. Audiophile Help!
  28. Anyone enjoy Electronic music or dabble in production?
  29. when was last time band Ambrosia was relevant ot popular.
  30. iron maiden power metal or new wave of British metal or both
  31. heard halloween great Hamburg, Germany good album start with
  32. rock icon and rock and roll hall famer Glenn Hughes 2160p4k
  33. raise your horns amon amarth live and off new album
  34. quick question led zeppelin over rated or under rated
  35. Another fine country song
  36. Modern progressive metal
  37. Kiss Concert
  38. going back to old days NEW METALLICA - HARDWIRED and 1 more new album out this year
  39. Stereo receivers
  40. Does good metal core still exist?
  41. Ibanez RG450DX
  42. I made a music video. (mild rant inside)
  43. Bluetooth stereo and song titles
  44. Let's talk metal bands.
  45. Does nothing else matter...
  46. Star Bomb
  47. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  48. RockFest 2016 in KC
  49. Free Vinyl
  50. The Artist Fomerly Known As...
  51. Rsd 2016
  52. "Too Many Zooz" anyone?
  53. The Lees
  54. Sold my guitar.... And got a Bass
  55. Postmodern Jukebox
  56. So apparently I'm turning into a producer.
  57. cool or uncool moments rock/punk/metal/rap/rap r&b and country
  58. Music to hunt space pirates by
  59. For modified states?
  60. Dabbling in Vintage Gear
  61. song you love but found out true meaning later will not listen anymore
  62. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
  63. New Record Player
  64. Just got some new cans.
  65. The nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2016
  66. Who digs N'Orleans jazz?
  67. New BFMV album
  68. V a p o r w a v e
  69. take it or leave super groups.
  70. do you agree with this vh1 Metalheads hate change
  71. Laser powered analogue turntables
  72. God damn is this guy talented.
  73. What do you do with old cds and dvds
  74. good teckno list (also form a game )
  75. Record Store Day 2015 Finds
  76. What is this genre? Reggae Rock?
  77. So, this is a thing..(1Direction fans selfharming over member leaving.)
  78. What type of amplifier do you prefer?
  79. Building my own pedalboard from scratch
  80. Check This Out
  81. New Manson
  82. so...WTF is this?
  83. Favorite Christmas Tunes
  84. Recommendation needed on small amp
  85. Guitar players
  86. Les Paul Guitars
  87. Decent music and paintball video..
  88. Elevations on Sirius
  89. Old Skool Tech...Audio done best.
  90. Ampeg Scrambler
  91. Superjoint Ritual to reunite for housecore horror film fest
  92. with new SCAR SYMMETRY out soon what your take on this song
  93. any GG Allin fans on here ??
  94. Today's music
  95. new in flames song love it or hate
  96. Just discovered Jake Bugg
  97. Van Canto anyone?
  98. Babymetal - the weirdest, most amazing thing ev4r
  99. Brit Floyd
  100. RIP Oderus
  101. if never heard ufo what would be best album to start with
  102. Wanting info/feedback
  103. Godamn you "GAS" (gear aquiry syndrome)
  104. Any punks out there?
  105. great music video with daredevil stuns in them
  106. Looking at getting a pedal board
  107. inflames drummers drum set and how he plays songs
  108. Anyone go to any good concerts this year?
  109. Singing the wrong lyrics and didn't know it thread.
  110. Pogo mixes
  111. Saxophone
  112. Tak Matsumoto
  113. Got My Grail Guitar!
  114. Some songs only seem right...
  115. For the furries especially BenoitOWN
  116. Favourite lyrics?
  117. Electro Zombies Interweb
  118. Local Music and Indie music
  119. Its Depressing to know...
  120. I need cultural music advice
  121. Steryotipical Hawaiian songs needed
  122. Listening to whole albums.
  123. If you were a fighter...
  124. Blues Harp
  125. Turntable FM
  126. Daft Punk Random Access Memories
  127. Any other DJs here?
  128. Decent and free music creation programs?
  129. ?
  130. New NIN
  131. Any Uke Players out there?!
  132. Lana Del Rey?
  133. WoT Song Parody Video Contest
  134. Best Cover Bands?
  135. Some classics for dirt cheap
  136. Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, dies at 49
  137. Free Video editing Software that doesn't suck!
  138. Monster Truck
  139. Stronger Beer
  140. Help me pick a Navigation/Sound system....
  141. Free Audio Editing Software?
  142. do you guys have online streaming radio stations?
  143. which Yngwie Malmsteen album should i start off with.
  144. who is know as white jimi hendrix.
  145. Bluegrass Thread
  146. NIN Returns
  147. Earbud Recommendations For Those with Mismatched Ears?
  148. The Death Metal Thread
  149. Symphony X...
  150. Punch Brothers: Progressive Bluegrass?
  151. New Soilwork
  152. for all our metal fans take look at this site
  153. Home theater questions
  154. underground rap/ Triphop thread
  155. Retubing amps
  156. The Chicken Song/ I Want to be Thick For You, Jesus
  157. Deadmau5- Raise Your Weapon
  158. Obisdia- Android= Best dubstep song.
  159. what your guys take on Nominees for the 2013 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
  160. MTV Generation: What is the last music video you remember watching on TV?
  161. Max Webster/Rush "Battle Scar"
  162. So I come here once again looking for a song
  163. I'm SO into Industrial...
  164. Classical Music?
  165. Getting into house music..
  166. What are you listening to right now?
  167. Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal
  168. Help
  169. Albums I'm stoked for
  170. Local band, Stone Bullet
  171. Can anyone show me a hardcore punk band...
  172. The "I can't get enough of this song!" Thread
  173. BEHOLD! R-M-I's FloppyDrive-Quartet
  174. what are some best or worst cover songs or remakes
  175. Septic Flesh
  176. Imelda May
  177. St Patricks day Music thread
  178. Post Your Music/Bands/Recordings!
  179. Frankenstein Brothers
  180. Feel-good songs?
  181. Industrialized Choral Marches (?)
  182. OK Go
  183. Suprise at a jukebox
  184. Samples
  185. Animals as Leaders
  186. Going to see NoFX Saturday!
  187. What instrument is this? (the quest)
  188. Prometheus
  189. I miss Joe Strummer
  190. What's your favourite Christmas song cover?
  191. Tool is recording again!
  192. Oddest band you listen to?
  193. CNC Mill performs Paranoid
  194. Mumford and Sons
  195. Learning Bass: Ear Training
  196. Google Music not in beta anymore
  197. Tom Waits.
  198. AWOLNATION - Sail
  199. Any Rammstein fans?
  200. Anyone got rocksmith yet?
  201. New doomtree song out
  202. Funny New Toby Keith Song
  203. LOU REED & METALLICA worst thing to happen to them
  204. How to legally put music in youtube vids?
  205. how many like dream theater edguy and stain fans
  206. Anthrax - Worship Music.
  207. The new Opeth record- what do you think?
  208. Mastodon is streaming their new album, "The Hunter" today
  209. DADGAD Tuning?
  210. Chester + Rolling in the Deep = ?????????
  211. Music is my passion...
  212. Really catchy and.....interesting song
  213. Any Jeff Buckley fans here?
  214. Acapella...metal?
  215. Guitar recording?
  216. we could have thread guest duels or guest singer in song.
  217. Getting Another Drum Kit
  218. MP3 tagging program idea (is there something like this?)
  219. Help transfer music off iPod!
  220. here odd problem that zune 30bg had and itunes with ipod touch solved the problem
  221. I Hate The Doors
  222. Zune VS Ipod
  223. never dead preview with new megadeth song
  224. Really Good Disturbed Song
  225. New DJ gadget
  226. Local Metal Bands
  227. Anyone else think the golden age of metal is behind us?
  228. who here likes folk metal
  229. A video of my super crappy drumming
  230. The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton - Jack Sparrow
  231. any one here fan of industrial metal
  232. Longshot Who Covered This Question
  233. What do you call the thing that has a bunch of songs mixed together?
  234. ATTN: Bassists
  235. Any other Manson fans here?
  236. Beastie Boys, Hot Sauce Committee
  237. Harmonica?
  238. Looking for a metal song, nothing specific...
  239. Cannot...get...out...of...your...HEAD
  240. Favorite song intro?
  241. Learning to play guitar, where to start?
  242. Hollywood Undead - American Tragedy
  243. Who likes jazz?
  244. It's Friday!!!11!
  245. Bring Ska back!
  246. copyright on youtube
  247. Embarassing Music
  248. Bose Earbuds Review
  249. Neo Geo song.
  250. Favorite live performer/ performance?