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  1. 98 shooting FSR?
  2. Wind shift?
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  4. Bow's bolt-action, FSR phantom "the poke"
  5. Hades barrel?
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  8. New Less-Lethal Projectile design from First Strike / Pepperball?
  9. Fsr er2
  10. Barrel length performance comparison demo by MCS
  11. new barrel from Caratech
  12. Rifled freak inserts?
  13. Switching between FSR and Roundball?
  14. 600 count box of FSR for $169!
  15. FSR Marker Options
  16. Favorite barrel for FS and Roundball?
  17. First Strike only game
  18. FSR and straight rifling.
  19. Home brew zoomdot?
  20. fn303 auction
  21. Fn303
  22. About FSR...is it REALLY paintball?
  23. FS T15 With Co2???
  24. first time first strike advice
  25. FSR platform weights
  26. Milsig M17 w First Strikes chopping?
  27. Iron Sights
  28. Magfed Sniper Comparison Video
  29. anyone tried this FIRST STRIKE FSR Raging Donkey Barrel Tip ?
  30. Storing First Strike Rounds?
  31. My new t15 (stock) - Will be WIP
  32. Carmatech has released a new scope DESIGNED for First Strike
  33. lapco FSR rifled barrel test
  34. Scope?
  35. Let's talk rangefinders...
  36. Lets get back too FSR fun !!
  37. What do you use to clean out FSR residue from a rifled barrel?
  38. First strike velocity?
  39. ASTM meeting in San Antonio on May 8th
  40. Paintball pistols and First strike
  41. Cossio insurance and the war on First Strike
  42. Difference between HH Mofo and Scenario Mofo?
  43. new colors !!!
  44. Blue or white
  45. FS barrel idea
  46. No FSR at supergame ?
  47. Hear a rumor about blue fill FSR
  48. FSR with apex2
  49. Laser rangefinders...
  50. Adjustable rifling??
  51. The Eureka Method: Rifled Barrels, Part Middle
  52. Presentation On Shaped Projectile Testing for ASTM Consideration
  53. Astm first strike testing presentation data!!!
  54. 3 picatinny riser
  55. How to Clean Dedicated FSR Rifled Barrels
  56. Raincovers and FSR; How to Store FSR
  57. Advances in FSR Barrel/Muzzle Break/etc Tech?
  58. What is the OD of the Stock SAR12 Hammerheard Barrel
  59. Cleaning, sizing, and storing FS rounds
  60. Air strippers
  61. Sell me on these
  62. First Strikes just got banned from Living Legends!!!
  63. Mm not a lot of Fsr available
  64. I think we'll need to keep an eye on dual ammo chrony speeds
  65. Thinking about a FSR Primary
  66. Hawke BRC and/or Chairgun thread
  67. FSR banned in the UK ??
  68. Rifled barrel question
  69. My first time shooting FSR, chrono at 150 feet away...
  70. FS primary build
  71. First Strike Quality/Bore/Barrels thread
  72. FS bore question
  73. Higher quantity First Strike boxes
  74. Hammerhead barrel with freak back
  75. Organic Look. First time wrapping this stuff
  76. Nelson tuning for long barrels
  77. Merry Christmas to me!
  78. Camera for First Strike ?
  79. scope or sight?
  80. High capacity and first strikes
  81. missing
  82. Traccer users
  83. FS Rifle Scope, Design Theory
  84. Short barrel questions.
  85. What would the ultimate FSR platform look like?
  86. Fear the FSR video
  87. Anyone using a Nelson as a FS platform?
  88. New to the FS game
  89. Dedicated underbarrel FS launcher? FS launcher with underbarrel traditional?
  90. First Strikes 101: Resources to introduce new players/fields to FSRs
  91. Heads Up
  92. Does Kee have a First Strike platform beyond the Hammer7 ?
  93. Shaken or Spun?
  94. Barrel break question
  95. Something to ponder - new name?
  96. Bolt action players - How do you carry your first strikes?
  97. Fix for abnormally large First Strike rounds
  98. Honorcore 5068 - Will it be better than FSR or SP?
  99. His does this setup sound as a FSR sniping platform
  100. Rap4 Shaped Projectile - Will It Replace FSR's?
  101. GoPro HUD prototype
  102. Parker Red Hot PinPoint scope?
  103. FSR Conversion Kit
  104. Quick POI dope for Tiberius adjustable riser
  105. Glow in the dark First Strike
  106. Ultimate FS Riser Mod
  107. Tip 98 FS project anyone?
  108. New Product from Hammerhead Barrel
  109. first strikes and freak kits?
  110. Behind the Bunker First Strike Round Discussion
  111. Any new angled rails?
  112. A Discussion of First Strike Accuracy Metrics
  113. Accuracy, Never Enough to Go Around
  114. First Strike Test Series, Part 1: Intro and Manufacturing Consistency
  115. FS centrifuge
  116. FS Demographics
  117. 50 rounds of FS at full auto? Yes please!
  118. FS Ballistic Test - Shooting Space SOS
  119. fsr bounce!!
  120. FSR breakdown?
  121. Chrono-ing First Strikes
  122. riser sight
  123. bolt action from RAP4
  124. 121 Rounds - The good, The Bad.
  125. Casper's FSR report
  126. Which magazine would you choose to build a scratchbuilt FSR rifle around?
  127. Review of Current & Inexpensive Firing Platforms
  128. Specific Info on the Punkworks FS Rifled Test Barrels?
  129. First strike underboring
  130. First strike double feed
  131. 13ci tanks
  132. Custom barrel adapter advice
  133. Solid First Strike Rounds from Rap4
  134. First Strike Users Group
  135. first strike bolts
  136. You know you shoot mag when...
  137. storage of first stike rounds
  138. Buying FSR online
  139. Scope or iron sight?
  140. First strike supplyer
  141. FSR pump cocker
  142. Lapco fsr or hammer head
  143. fsr fill weight
  144. FSR quality looking better
  145. MKPII/Dmag/First Strike
  146. Am I doing something wrong? Issues adjusting to FSRs in an MR-5
  147. Fs feed tube
  148. first strike or simunitions
  149. Trracer "Mag" Design
  150. How to save a ton of money and get better!!!
  151. Sniping
  152. Should FSR Go Mainstream?
  153. Totmacher 13, A love story
  154. The end of Gelatin Paintballs
  155. When do FSR begin their rotation?
  156. Lapco .683 FSR Barrel Video
  157. Tippmann SMG First Strike
  158. Informal testing CCM SR1 and FS
  159. First Strike Open Vs Closed Bolt
  160. HHA optimizer dimensions?
  161. ODX Sniper Competition Winner
  162. Semi or Pump (bolt)
  163. FS + Goblin shells
  164. Methods of carrying first strikes Breech Loading
  165. Magazine for First Strike
  166. Wind speed adjustments
  167. post up your pics milsim markers
  168. Known Measurement Resource for Mil Dot scopes
  169. what color lense is everyone using
  170. cheap riser?
  171. Mr5 Project....An ECAP project.
  172. Punkworks Rifled and Smoothbore Barrel Testing
  173. Do FSR's exhibit any unusual sensitivity to velocity?
  174. FSR platform comparison
  175. First Strike Round Intellectual Property
  176. FSR and Armson rifled barrels?
  177. Yo dawg, I herd you like shooting First Strikes...
  178. First Strike Round Dimensions and Weights
  179. *new* fs round!
  180. First Strike Scope Camera
  181. Shooting FS for the 1st time
  182. Re-using FS rounds
  183. Rifling
  184. to lube or not to lube?
  185. Goblin for FS?
  186. Optimal Barrel Length for FSR
  187. FS rounds casting burs
  188. FSR Sight options and reviews
  189. Analog Range Finder?
  190. First Strike Round Field Listing
  191. External Ballistics, The First Strike Round, and Paintballs
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