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  1. Iris Pod Top
  2. Mako Shark - JT ER2 body kit - WIP
  3. Weird...
  4. Anyone able to print a 12"x12" square?
  5. Anyone tried messing with the Etha 2 Solidworks file?
  6. Figured I'd ask here, because you guys are not idiots
  7. Anyone making grip panels?
  8. 3d metal printed bodes or frames
  9. I need help getting started
  10. First attempt on Automag grips
  11. Replacement Follower for M17
  12. Anycubic i3 mega
  13. Spring Tensions for Magazines
  14. Compact Threaded Freak Insert Case
  15. Various Magazine speed loaders, a la Drop10
  16. Another 12 gram holder
  17. Printed barrel threads
  18. What filament are you using?
  19. Frame Mounted 12-Gram Holder
  20. Planet Eclipse Releases Etha2 Body Files
  21. Milsig Squarehead Mag and 10-Round Tube Speed Loaders
  22. FrankW - Some of my 3D designs
  23. Laser engraver head
  24. CCI Phantom Box Gun Kit
  25. Avratech - R7 Front Sight Pip
  26. Carter Style CCI Pump Handle
  27. Phantom Hybrid Over-barrel/Under-cocking Pump Handle
  28. CCI One Piece Feed
  29. 3D Printing Tips & Tricks
  30. What did you 3D print today?
  31. Avratech R7 - "Honeycomb" Pump Handle
  32. Kriss Vector - Guess the base marker
  33. Pursuit of the Ideal Marker
  34. ULE Automag Classic Rail
  35. Filament Options For Paintball Applications
  36. TaylorD1350 - Custom Work Thread
  37. Empire EVents/Flex lens retainer GoPro mount
  38. Adjustable Magnetic Bearing Trigger for Phantoms
  39. Past/Current/Future projects
  40. Phantom Dropout Feed Cap Idea
  41. 3D printed phantom handle
  42. Raincover idea
  43. Creality Ender 3, thinking about grabbing one
  44. Monoprice Mini Delta
  45. Marker CAD files discussion.
  46. PC mag article of best 3D printers
  47. Who's got a printer and wants to make stuff?