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  1. Servicing a cart regulator
  2. Reg seats
  3. Need an opinion of the nasty typhoon value.
  4. Blazer 2k regulator question....
  5. Converting a 0-700 to 200-900 psi output
  6. Reg dimensions
  7. Super Stocker Feed Tube
  8. Stab rebuild needed?
  9. Flat-top, 16rd spring-fed Houndstooth on a 45 frame. Cuanto questa?
  10. help removing QEV ram fittings
  11. A little help for SS gift
  12. MCB Milk Carton: Have you seen my old SS?
  13. Paintball markers I know nothing about for $600, Alex..
  14. Palmer nasty painter problem
  15. Trying to remove a muzzle break.
  16. Micro rock pro kit raw
  17. Nasty Houndstooth(Price expected to pay new or used)?
  18. RT Blazer?
  19. Super Stocker eating valve o-rings
  20. Super Stocker Manual.
  21. What am I forgetting?
  22. PGP Stroker Leaking - Again
  23. Ok I'm confused.
  24. Old Typhoon
  25. How not to feedneck mod
  26. PPS Famous sales?
  27. Palmers Typhoon leaking from LPR
  28. Super stocker pressure range?
  29. Front leak
  30. A few questions to the more knolegable Palmers people
  31. Custom Remote builder.
  32. Need help bringing Blazer 1 back to life
  33. Removable wedgits on non autococker barrels.
  34. Barrel builder confusion
  35. Custom Brass CCI Phantom Barrel
  36. Rock piston oring
  37. Pug firing hot
  38. Superstocker leak
  39. Blazer sear pin hole now:another question
  40. Odd blazer/pyre barrel
  41. One barrel to rule them all.
  42. Pyre 058 Valve problem
  43. Cost of a used pyre
  44. Blazer Safety O-rings?
  45. Palmers Nasty Typhoon leaking.....everywhere.
  46. Shout Out to Craig and PPS Customer Service!!!
  47. Would a nasty Typhoon run on CO2?
  48. My Pyre is a Transformer in slow mo....
  49. Palmers Custom Brass Paintball Barrel Builder
  50. Just Made a Trade and now I am a Pyre Owner..
  51. Looking for my old eblazer
  52. Hurricane Leak
  53. Thinking about getting my first PPS
  54. Blazer sight rail name?
  55. New to Typhoons
  56. Typhoon vs. Autococker
  57. Does anyone have a exploded diagram of a Hurricane?
  58. How to tell if a PGP has had a Performance Tune?
  59. Nasty Typhoon issue
  60. Qloaded Hurricane
  61. 105* ASA question
  62. Custom Blazer/Pyre Anno
  63. Palmer Barrels?
  64. Removable AC Wedgits
  65. Squall leaking
  66. Missing Front Sight Bead
  67. switch stem orings for blazer
  68. Cosmetic differences?
  69. Fatty disassembly
  70. Rollouts
  71. Suggested Pricing on Palmer Blazer and Squall
  72. Not finished but I wanted to share.
  73. Wedgits in PMI Trracer/Maverick barrel?
  74. Palmers and Lori, Top Notch!
  75. Micro Rock OD Dimension?
  76. palmers auto lance
  77. Scratch Removal
  78. QEV Removal on Nasty Typhoon
  79. Blazer Under barrel ASA?
  80. Stabilizer Pressure Questions
  81. Rebuild Tools & Supplies?
  82. PD078 "Road Warrior" Build Thread *UPDATED*
  83. Another great purchase experience.
  84. Palmers Stockclass feed
  85. Female and Inline Stabilizer length
  86. Setting a CART
  87. My old blazer
  88. Beautiful Hurricane I just picked up!
  89. Fittings!
  90. How do I run a 12 g CART reg horizontal?
  91. Do Sheridan Speed Gates fit
  92. Extended fast changer Knob
  93. PPS stroker?
  94. Differences between PPS pump guns?
  95. Safest way to remove stuck Quikswitch from blazer?
  96. want to order a scratch build but can't bring myself to do it! Stupid dollar.
  97. In lieu of....
  98. 12 gram not fitting through PGP fast changer.
  99. Sheridan/PMI LB with Auto-Trigger recommendations?
  100. Gassed up my 1K Blazer for the First Time
  101. Photo for orientation of quikswitch cups
  102. PGP Fast Change Question
  103. Video for timing a blazer
  104. question about female stabilizer output holes
  105. Quality Work Takes Time
  106. Stripped Valve on Nasty Typhoon
  107. Morph valve blazer
  108. Male Stabilizer leak
  109. Female stab disassembly. Need help.
  110. Sideline vs Inline Stabilizer? Missing parts?
  111. Anyone still make the Superstocker to Cocker frame plate?
  112. Converting male stab to direct stab
  113. Paging Mr. Palmer!
  114. Blazer VintageRex images
  115. Copied from Ask the Experts: Palmer's Stabilizer - leak between tube and valve body I
  116. Palmers Moved to Shopify
  117. My first palmer -- with pics
  118. I took my Stabilizer apart too much
  119. 1k blazer timing question
  120. Removable Wedgits
  121. PPS Triangular feed plug
  122. Hurricane/Painter ASA mounting bolt spacing
  123. Blazer Right Feed Feedneck
  124. Cart Regulator
  125. Close up pictures of a Palmer AT
  126. PPS Picture thread
  127. Is there a kit to lower the Fatty pressure range?
  128. Tactical Typhoon
  129. Stab help
  130. Just a heads up about 1k blazers.
  131. CART Adjustment (12g bucket model)
  132. Blazer Pistol
  133. Price Check - Pyre 003
  134. Blazer pump...
  135. Nasty typhoon
  136. Rock Input Fitting Threads?
  137. Female Low Pressure Stabalizer question
  138. Is this a Stab or a Fatty?
  139. 12 Gram Sniper Valve
  140. Bolt Pin removal
  141. Questions on Blazer and Stabilizer parts
  142. "Mrs. Palmer" pistol
  143. CART won't fully puncture 12g
  144. first strike capable pps goodness?
  145. Blazer Trigger
  146. 2k Blazer/Morph Valve Question
  147. squall issues
  148. Hammer lug on PPS bolts
  149. How do I disassemble a cart reg?
  150. Slight chiped area on a nickel finish, ways to prevent further flaking?
  151. Palmer Spring Dimension
  152. Blazer 1k questions...
  153. Houndstooth valve removal.
  154. Nasty typhoon rebuild.
  155. Trigger pin stabby thing help? Or whatever it's called.
  156. My Beast
  157. Stabilizer Venting Through Over Pressure Hole
  158. Yet to be named Palmer Event. Planning Stage
  159. porting on a super stocker
  160. super stocker
  161. Old Style Female Stabilizer End Cap Removal
  162. PPS Blazer banjo/front gas screw question
  163. 1K Blazer Timing.
  164. Autococker to Blazzer adapter question
  165. Ployurethane O-Ring Type
  166. Turn around time
  167. New(to me) PPS Goods!
  168. New phone system.
  169. Removing a 1K Blazer ram without air?
  170. Houndstooth Valve Assembly Oring?
  171. Valve Stem Oring on Autococker LT Valve?
  172. PGP fast change help
  173. palmerized PGP
  174. A little palmer love from the great white north
  175. Buna O-rings in the Blazer?
  176. Bolt Pull pin - plunger thingy...
  177. super stocker on compressed air
  178. 2k Blazer Loader question
  179. blazer 1k valve removal?
  180. Typhoon Hammer-Sear Adjustment?
  181. 2K Blazer Leak?
  182. Palmers New Site and Old Site info
  183. PP222 velocity keeps increasing???
  184. Super Stocker nail polish mod
  185. Falcon16 has exceeded their stored private messages quota
  186. Fatty Trouble
  187. FAST Change Dimensions
  188. PPS PUG C02 leak.
  189. 1k Blazer Valve Orings
  190. performance differences between stroker/typhoon?
  191. Horizontal Asa with Banjo?
  192. PPS Painter Velocity Issues
  193. Superstocker w/ K-Frame shooting hot
  194. pps male stab
  195. Blazer feed knob threads?
  196. SS .45 frame!
  197. Centerfeed nasty possible?
  198. Leaky regulator
  199. Stabilizer pressure stuck?
  200. Blazer trigger rod
  201. Shotgun sight?
  202. Hurricane Help, small leak.
  203. Blazer bolt pin.
  204. Conversion Opinion on PD54
  205. Palmers Brass Barrels, opinions?
  206. CO2 Tank Pressure Forecaster
  207. front fitting leak
  208. New Plamers Ram VERY Stiff and Sluggish
  209. 2k blazer question.
  210. Issues with adding bottom line bracket with current grips
  211. Stroker 3-way rebuild
  212. SB Stroker hardline help
  213. Brass & Nickel Polish.
  214. My Pyre Build (Completed)
  215. New PPS Gun - The Palmer Lance
  216. Aluminum sleeve in lower tube?
  217. Leaky 2K Blazer
  218. Palmers on HPA
  219. PPS Nasty Hurricane pump rifle???
  220. Palmerize? What exactly is it?
  221. nasty lpr rebuild
  222. Blazer 1 master links
  223. Rock adjuster. (lpr)
  224. Typhoon front grip nutsert fell out
  225. nasty typhoon questions
  226. Cocker threads for blazer conversion?
  227. Female stab disassembly
  228. Quietest Barrel for BZ2k?
  229. Super Stocker / Sheridan valve oring compatability?
  230. Internal Diameter of Coiled Airline and other questions
  231. nasty typhoon foregrip?
  232. Kit Differences
  233. Micro / Rock Oring Sizes.
  234. Nasty Pellet pistol
  235. A little polish
  236. Send Me Pictures!
  237. leaky blazer 3 way
  238. Autococker/Sniper valves
  239. 1K Blazer ram
  240. Cmon now!
  241. Frame options and opinions?
  242. Which seal kit to get?
  243. Blazers: How do they shoot?
  244. Blazer help
  245. Stolen - Be on the lookout please
  246. Hey Craig! What's on the shelf at the store?
  247. trigger frame options on nasty houndstooth
  248. CART reg instructions?
  249. 1k Blazer front ASA-to-main body seal
  250. A big "Thank you" to PPS from Lockdown Scenarios