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  1. P68SC
  2. hardline oring source?
  3. Fast feed on brass
  4. Adventures with a Ebay PGP
  5. Installing a K frame?
  6. Dual piercer
  7. Valve job
  8. LB
  9. P68SC project
  10. PGP with Imp kit
  11. DIY Speed feed
  12. Trigger shoe
  13. PGP 2K1 rear frame screw size?
  14. New KP2 owner, multiple dumb questions.
  15. Supplier for pgp hammer spring
  16. Looking for a PPS Speed Feed and PGP Sight pin
  17. Sheridan PGP 2K Feeding Issues..
  18. Looking for a good sheridan piranha video
  19. Kp2 efficiency mods
  20. MAC-1 back on the road, mostly
  21. Upgrades?
  22. PMI SC efficiency and improvement
  23. Sheridan lower tube diameter?
  24. Airsoft BB's as Replacement Bolt Ball Bearings on Sheridans
  25. Looking to Convert KP2 to Bolt Action
  26. Sheridan 45 frame
  27. Crosman stock on pgp
  28. PGP2 Delrin Bolts
  29. Modding a PGP - eliminating half cock
  30. tube lineup soldering
  31. Looking for Cartridge valve O ring sizes
  32. Valve tool
  33. PGP cartridge valve dimensions
  34. Back bottle ASA and velocity adjuster combo
  35. Problem with a PMI1 converted to constant air
  36. Walz KP appraisal help
  37. Need Some Help On An Appraisal: KL
  38. Sheridan KP2
  39. A strange question
  40. Help resurrect the general!
  41. Papa Smurf is finally getting his legs back
  42. KP bolt removal question
  43. PMI 1 non cartrige valve pricing
  44. OD question - Sheridan
  45. PGP2 Fast Change
  46. rescue pgp help
  47. Polishing preferences?
  48. K-frame single shooty thing
  49. I bought a thing....
  50. Sheridan KP Hammer Spring Length
  51. Re-soldering while prtecting finish
  52. Thinking of a PGP Build one i have been wanted to do for years now
  53. SC68 Bolt orings
  54. Crowsfeast's first brass adventure.
  55. 12g pierce hole size
  56. First brass build
  57. How much paint does your PGP chops?
  58. Anyone have Pgp main springs or know specs?
  59. constant air for PGP?
  60. Pgp quick change
  61. PGP build questions!
  62. Cart valve parts
  63. Sheridan Elite Battle Grips
  64. Appraisal help, what is this?
  65. What are KP3s going for now?
  66. Non Cartridge Valve
  67. Need help putting a value on KP2DF
  68. Spare parts and rainy days build
  69. Sheridan History help
  70. PGP Pistol Orings - Cartridge Valve
  71. On a brass journey
  72. CCI piercing assembly for PGP
  73. DIY PGP RVA mod
  74. What is this part called and where can I buy one
  75. Face seal
  76. Sheridan equalizer
  77. P series hammer spring
  78. The Neophyte Project: Sheridans
  79. Mock up, first strike capable KP
  80. Kp/Sheridan parts
  81. Bolt for a P68sc?
  82. Valve tool dim?
  83. One cock to click a PGP?
  84. My new pump
  85. PGP Cooper T Bolt - Hammer Lug Needed
  86. Value On sheridan marker (pmi 2)
  87. Mag or cocker frame
  88. Can you put an insta pierce in a 2k1
  89. PP68-SC into a pirate lever?
  90. Two seals did seal, but neither would work
  91. Sheridan Serial Numbers
  92. My daughters pirate
  93. Kp style freaked Flat Top in the works.....
  94. The many faces of " METAMORPHOSIS"
  95. Need help: Scratch build Sheridan bottom tube
  96. Does anyone lighten KP hammers?
  97. New to me PGP :D
  98. KP3 velocity adjsutment
  99. LB on hpa
  100. PMI-CF
  101. KP stock screw thread size
  102. Piranha LB valve rebuild
  103. Sheridan 45 grip frame
  104. Pirate PGP
  105. Cranking em out- another pirate - black walnut
  106. K2 pirate stock
  107. Pirate stock
  108. Looking to get first brass
  109. Made some pirate stocks
  110. Semi-auto pgp build (Lots of pictures)
  111. What C02 plugs fit in a KP that is a CA gun
  112. What stocks fit KP's
  113. Flat Top Pirate Build (Plain Jane)
  114. Voodoo Magic - a mountains mans rifle build
  115. Back bottle air line
  116. Baccummba's Makeover
  117. Lost Walz?
  118. P68sc new owner
  119. Piranha LB Questions
  120. Virtual Rendering P-68AT
  121. Piranha LB Efficiency On 12 Grams
  122. Anodized Titanium (It will blow your mind, maybe)
  123. Super High Pressure HPA
  124. Brass.... Titanium...Single Shot....Wood...= "The Wicked Wonder "
  125. New pgp owner
  126. PMI 2 SB Hardline
  127. Pistol frame to rifle group ( how to)
  128. flying a little blind
  129. Semi-automatic Sheridan advice?
  130. A Drop Neck Black Walnut Stock for Stilgar ( COMPLETED)
  131. (Completed)A Double Single shot B/A Pirate in the making...
  132. K Series Restorations...The Twins
  133. LPR PGP question
  134. Cut off pierce pin to make standard stem?
  135. Identification Required
  136. PGP2K mods (the simple version)
  137. Double barreled Pirate pump build (Completed-- 10-12-16)
  138. Sheridan valve / poppet-face seal
  139. Rounded/worn hammer "lip"?
  140. P-68 AT cooper t bolt
  141. Valve nut won't come out
  142. converting CO2 back bottle to HPA bottom line
  143. PICS - PMI Piranha P-68AT
  144. KP and PGP dyna valves
  145. removing AT from P68
  146. Stuck chamber plug assembly
  147. PMI Piranha Long Barrel (LB) Pump/ P 68 AT
  148. pmi-1 vert air tutorial
  149. KPMI Trigger and sear set up for a WALZ?
  150. Fiber optic bead sight
  151. Making a PGP bolt action
  152. Pirate Springfeed FS/FT
  153. Regulated brass
  154. KPMI Spring question for WALZ and Crew
  155. Quick question
  156. Sear spring
  157. A simple piranha SB/LB question - lower tube
  158. Equalizer "o-ring" valve seal
  159. Sheridan Bolt Measurement request
  160. K-50 for the gilly man ( a free build )
  161. PMI II Cooper T RVA seal
  162. brass ?'s
  163. Frame idea
  164. Questions about cooper t bolts.
  165. Disappointing Saturday, gun not working
  166. Aftermarket bolts?
  167. .177 Sheridan
  168. Bolt Action Pirate
  169. What are your favorite things about your private label brass?
  170. Removing Palmer's fast changer
  171. Am I the only one?
  172. parts
  173. Sheridan RG-1 Rebuild with picture
  174. KP3 bolt stuck in KP2
  175. F Series Stock - Who makes the repros?
  176. Sheridan center fire bolt question
  177. New PGP2 owner with more questions than answers
  178. Interesting Trigger mod
  179. LB getting a woody
  180. Sheridan work
  181. KP3 Resurrection project
  182. PGP 2 pierce pin
  183. PGP parts questions
  184. Sheridan KP2
  185. Found a local P68....should i buy it?
  186. KP2 Valve Spring Recommendations for 12 Grams???
  187. Wanted Valve tool for a project
  188. Anyone have a KP-length bolt handy? I need a dimension...
  189. Any sources for Sheridan parts?
  190. VM 68 value.
  191. I've got some PMI-1 or Piranha LB bits and pieces. Anyone want em?
  192. Question for the custom Sheridan experts...
  193. Where Can I find the grip plates for a wire stock?
  194. PGP Knurled Pump BB?
  195. New to brass(kp2)
  196. Vm-68 bolts and hammers
  197. PMI Pirahnna ASA Banjo Screws - Where to source new ones?
  198. PMI-I project almost finished now with pictars
  199. 68 Magnum Questions - Manual and Screw Sizes
  200. Removing a sight rail
  201. Cannot remove stock from body on KP2
  202. New Sheridan owner
  203. One of the Ref's didnt like my barrel plug
  204. PGP Help!!
  205. Original PG build
  206. Best way to strip paint off brass?
  207. New Toys
  208. P68AT dissasembly/assembly guide?
  209. Nasty Brass project/progress
  210. Elite Products battle pump handle.
  211. Onlinemetals.com sale
  212. PMI-1 stuck valve stem
  213. where can i buy more of these?
  214. Can I be in your club now?
  215. Where can I find a replacement feed tube front cap for a PGP2?
  216. Who can do a squall conversion?
  217. The Secret Santa Build for JLuke
  218. bolt action sheridans
  219. PMI-1 - waited many days....
  220. Quick Pgp co2 plug question (pre-2k pa series)
  221. Where to buy cartridge valves
  222. Speed Changer is a game changer
  223. fixing an auto trigger
  224. sheridan on hpa
  225. Need a kp doctor
  226. Who can do wedgits?
  227. Turbo Valve
  228. Sheridan Barrel Polishing
  229. i love them Buy it Now options
  230. Got a hold of some PGPs for the first time...
  231. Yeeaaaahhhh! Crate o' K1!!!
  232. front feed tube plug stuck.
  233. Good stuff only comes during Christmas.
  234. telescoping squeegee
  235. Sheridan with cocker valve
  236. Rock it your way pgp2
  237. Fun with Friends
  238. Benji's D/B- A Walzifid Snake in the grass (12-03 update)
  239. Un-Stamped Cooper T bolts
  240. Make a Wood PGP2 Pump Handle?
  241. deletes
  242. Pawn Shop PGP2 Project
  243. Wood grips for Sheridan frame
  244. PGP2 work... cause plastic sucks..
  245. PMI Piranha manual
  246. Get walz attention!
  247. Sheridan JTX / XTS Front bolt?
  248. WALZ Jr. build for Spach
  249. KP out of a stock
  250. Hammer/sear not catching