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  1. VM/Equilizer Detent Material?
  2. PMI3 score, detents
  3. Getting a VM68 again
  4. Feedblock Set Screw?
  5. Feedneck Assembly
  6. Charm Evolution
  7. BretG's VM permanent solution detent
  8. BLINDMAN'S Super Awesome 98 Detent Mod of Epicness
  9. New Facebook VMEmpire Group
  10. Benefits of Venturi Bolts?
  11. VMís value...
  12. Whats the deal with this vm.
  13. Which tanks fit under the VM68 barrel/front ASA?
  14. VM-68 O-Ring differences
  15. Vm68 Bolts and hammers?
  16. VMX Builds.... This should be fun...
  17. Need to Start Sourcing Out Hammer O Rings for the VM 68
  18. Looking for any uprgaded VM hammer
  19. Let's compile a detailed technical sheet for the VM!
  20. Selling My VM 68 collection
  21. VM front ASA
  22. Did the Magnum ever come in this setup
  23. Smaller of field strip screws
  24. what vm is this?
  25. vm leaking
  26. taso car-15 stock ?
  27. looking for a vm
  28. Can't get my Vm past 140psi
  29. Feed block
  30. Troubled Pgp
  31. Selling my VM-68s
  32. What to do next...
  33. Automag spring mod
  34. Psiworx remote to regulator or expansion chamber
  35. Vm 68 Magnum parts
  36. VM and Sheridan parts
  37. New to me: Ancient neglected PMI-3, A few questions for you.
  38. Vm's appraisal.
  39. Upper bolt O rings
  40. Anyone know this Marker?
  41. Great Find on Kijiji!
  42. Pro Comp v3 Troubleshooting
  43. Vm 68 Pro comp: getting it to work.
  44. need a plug for ASA
  45. Got a bin full of VM parts. Wow, where do I begin?
  46. VM querry for a 1st timer
  47. VM-68 valve install?
  48. Vm68 possible First Strike marker single shot
  49. VMX rarity?
  50. Old VM-68 I think...
  51. @nd life for an old VM EXC
  52. Yay I got a VMX....boo I can't get it to function!
  53. 2 VM questions....
  54. What would I need to do to convert to HPA and a remote?
  55. Just broke my VM68 out of cryo stasis*... what to check?
  56. VM, king of the hill!
  57. new guy to the forum.
  58. VM needs help
  59. VM barrel problems?
  60. Trigger parts?
  61. whats up with this tab?
  62. Help
  63. Car-68 restoration
  64. WTB brass piece for hopper
  65. Where to get a new valve?
  66. $2.95 Miltec parts kits w/detent on paintball-online
  67. Want no NEED a pro-comp kit v3
  68. VM fun
  69. VM questions?
  70. VM Barrel Oring question
  71. What to look for in a PMI 3
  72. Storage Question
  73. Detents now in stock PTP!!!
  74. Vm-68 cup seal and Toothpaste trick?
  75. Leak From ASA
  76. Trigger group exploded view?
  77. A Classic Reborn!
  78. New to the Forum
  79. Do I need a new cupseal?
  80. Ball detent / easily obtainable material
  81. "Sharkgill" sight rail picturé
  82. Vm Dragon Brigade Patchs
  83. vm lower back cap dimensions
  84. newest addition to my collection
  85. Where to get long steel hose cable?
  86. and then there were four....
  87. A Question for the Empire... Now with Pics!
  88. Chris Mader???
  89. mistreatment of a VM-68
  90. VM68 Dragon Brigade patch
  91. New to this thing labeled the Virtual Machine
  92. Wood stock info
  93. Got a brand new VM! Need a hopper.
  94. Cycling idea. Good or bad?
  95. I got a VMX! But... it won't recock.
  96. First VM
  97. Need pics of a Pro-Comp kit
  98. Vm68 noob
  99. Recocking Problem
  100. Vm-68s and the cold LOL
  101. vm custom mill
  102. I need a nice barrel.
  103. help me decide
  104. Raising velocity
  105. Vm68 mag
  106. Sorry for not being around. looking to pass the torch
  107. vm questions from a new owner
  108. Anybody still do custom work on VM's?
  109. Wondering What This Might be Worth
  110. What do I have here?
  111. VM Seal kits
  112. Thinking of switching to AIr
  113. Got my VM 68 running nice....but one problem
  114. Rollouts
  115. Anyone Else Going To Dday
  116. E-bay parts gun
  117. VM 68 with stuck barrel
  118. Anticipation is torture
  119. Y'all know best
  120. ASA connection leak
  121. ah, fun with VM's today
  122. I need 4 Guinea Pigs
  123. Tiberius Frist Strike Round for VM's
  124. China Made VM-68 Nock Off
  125. Which Valve hole works best???
  126. VM 68 Pistol Grip Search
  127. Removing ASA
  128. Anyone ever attempt a Pump'd VM??
  129. Just a Few Questions
  130. Milling a VM 68
  131. Ok PLZ post you Vm of the Year Pix here.
  132. Whats she worth?
  133. New one....Miss her already
  134. VM of the Year is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. Big boom VM...
  136. Another Project
  137. Longest barrel
  138. Can I use a M-16 stock for a Tippmann 98 on a VM?
  139. Elbow/Feedneck
  140. What Size Tank
  141. Stock Bolt Mod
  142. VM68
  143. Aluminum Side Plates
  144. New to the VM-68.
  145. Hello Vmer's Old and New It's that time again
  146. Vm68 info
  147. VM 68 Barrel
  148. Roll Out's on the VM-68 with all-american and taso barrels
  149. Warp feeding a VM?
  150. New VM user questions
  151. VM-68 and Compressed Air - What happens?
  152. O-ring sizes
  153. Carter VM in Purple project
  154. Dating a VM?
  155. Valve threads?
  156. Need some trigger help from fellow VM'ers
  157. Cocking rod
  158. Is this a Pro-Shot kit?
  159. VM to Cocker barrel thread adapters
  160. CO2 tanks that fit under the barrel
  161. dried out rubber parts
  162. Does a VM need liquid?
  163. Need foregrip advice
  164. Tiny hammer ball bearings
  165. Regulator/Stab ?
  166. Brand New VM in the box!
  167. Anyone want a project???
  168. VM-68 Pump
  169. Did the VM-68 designer pass away last month?
  170. Home made detent
  171. Valve and bolt tweak
  172. WTB complete R-build kit PMI-3
  173. Internal EC
  174. Hi from another old timer who just discovered this list.
  175. Upper bolt velocity adjustment ball
  176. Need Car-68 ASA
  177. Just saying Hey
  178. were to buy a lower bolt o-ring
  179. Vm question?
  180. VM-68 Compatibility
  181. VM68 Machinegunning Help
  182. Bolt O-rings
  183. Anybody ever pump your VM?
  184. Thank you M. Carter Brown
  185. vm parts for sale pre-bay...
  186. VM68 on HPA?
  187. electric vm-68?
  188. Ho-ly smokes!
  189. Best aftermarket valve seal?
  190. Should I get a regulator?
  191. VM Edit Pro Beta 1.0
  192. The Whiteboard
  193. Unique VM accessory on eBay
  194. Vote here
  195. Vm of the Year vote Now!!!!
  196. front grip for a vm?
  197. Bull Pup kits anywhere?
  198. Vm of the Year submissons
  199. VM-68 Appraisal
  200. I need history lesson
  201. Main sear, anyone?
  202. Stock bolt mod physics
  203. V.M.O.T.Y. is come soon
  204. Q-Loader?
  205. Question for tracy_ptp
  206. It's that time of year again
  207. I'm interested in getting a VM-68
  208. Palmer Cup seals are "popping"
  209. Just picked up another one
  210. Tricks for removing VM ASA?
  211. Any special considerations for running liquid?
  212. Best detent type for a VM?
  213. How do I get the valve out?
  214. Original VM thread locking compound?
  215. Chris Mader is the man!
  216. VM questions from a new owner
  217. snapping connecting pins
  218. Gunhead????
  219. Who 'd a thunk it??????
  220. I found my baby !
  221. Missing Part?????
  222. VM Valve Screw Dimensions?
  223. Remote with Expansion Chamber?'s
  224. Ball Detent Mod?
  225. VM Valve Spring Replacement?
  226. A few VM Q's...
  227. Delrin and epoxy
  228. OLD Dragon Brigade member signing off...
  229. VM parts measurements
  230. little VM help
  231. I have to let one of my babies go sob sob
  232. Will this valve work?
  233. Trying to duplicate the vm-68 double trouble reative trigger
  234. It's a lot harder in person.
  235. Parts for VM
  236. Help, need some random parts
  237. Doc is making freak backs again for VM
  238. I just posted a VM centric sale...
  239. cooper t bolt
  240. need stock vm bolts
  241. How many shots?
  242. 2 vm's together
  243. Crude is her name!
  244. Vm-68 Full-auto!
  245. Any reconmendations?
  246. what size are the ball bearings in the vm-68 safety?
  247. Barrel adapter?
  248. VM-68 12oz tank
  249. Vm of the Year vote 9-16
  250. Vm of the year vote 1-8