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  1. Help! Need threaded feedneck/ hopper adapter right feed
  2. Roundhead bodies - enough interest for more?
  3. Iso phantom parts?
  4. Lighter trigger? Return spring?
  5. Freak boring: worth it?
  6. Other Pumps.
  7. a beautiful FSR Phantom
  8. Cautiously optimistic
  9. Anyone use larger than 12 gm. pre-packaged CO2 on a Phantom?
  10. New Phantom slide frame option
  11. First new run of Dual Rod kits.
  12. Revolution Cutaway
  13. Tank Sizes (13ci vs 9ci vs 3.5oz)
  14. Unibody phantom value
  15. Polishing internals?
  16. pb mafia elastic loops loosening
  17. The last brand new Phantoms from CCI
  18. Is the hardline held in place by red loctite!?
  19. 1911 grip panel problem
  20. Short 12grams, Deep Bucket Changers, Possible Solution
  21. Phantom lifespan
  22. Phantom Stand
  23. Do Phantoms use American/US hex wrenches?
  24. Recommend an O Ring Kit
  25. Quick length question
  26. Extreme Velocity Inc Praise
  27. Alternatives to velocity adjuster
  28. Available opions for feed tubes
  29. 1911 grip panel size for phantom?
  30. Final CCI Phantom serial numbers Sold when Mike retired
  31. Case for Phantom
  32. Sale of CCI
  33. Trying to find Vendetta undercocking kit
  34. Dumb Question
  35. Aluminum grips for 45 frame
  36. Questions about Various Phantom Setups
  37. New springfeed
  38. "The Phantom" colored Phantom?
  39. Hogue Wood Wraparound Grips on Phantom?
  40. CCM 86 degree frame
  41. Asp detent mod adjustments
  42. So...is Dirtyworks.com the new home of CCI parts?
  43. Asp
  44. OC VS SC
  45. Is it possible to convert VSC phantom into backloaded?
  46. which is better?
  47. Does anyone run a tank and a stock?
  48. Lapco .681 + stock pump handle question
  49. Who doesn't use inserts?
  50. Best place to get Phantom anodized?
  51. Best place to get Phantom anodized?
  52. ASP Mod and double feeds
  53. By popular demand...
  54. Hopper question
  55. Good case for CCI Phantom?
  56. Phoenix Kits
  57. Questions about CCI CíBored barrels
  58. Best 12 Gram Cartidges for Phantom?
  59. gen 3 rainman pump kit binds?
  60. o-ring size chart?
  61. Possible to run inline regulator at 400psi
  62. Unibody internals in Modern Body?
  63. Where have all the 45 frames gone?
  64. DIY porting a stock CCI barrel?
  65. Valken and Asura 12 Grams?
  66. 50 shades of Phantom
  67. Phantom Gas Thru Stock
  68. Rock back
  69. Double barrel phantom prices
  70. Servicing ??
  71. Detent milling
  72. Stock adaptor
  73. CCI Regulator Questions
  74. Phantom Revolution Toolbox Parts Kit
  75. VSC Angle measurement
  76. Phantom hopper rail
  77. TechT Ifit ??
  78. The Magic Combo: Phantom + Paint type = winning
  79. CCI questions
  80. Could a CCI revolution be made into a semi auto marker?
  81. O-ring TPC, does it make a difference?
  82. Looking for my old Phantom
  83. What sized flat head hex screws to replace thumb screws?
  84. Phantom internals in a stainless steel body
  85. Phantom Toolbox Parts Kit
  86. revolution?
  87. ASP Autococker Threaded Phantom Body rollouts
  88. Ergonomic Questions regarding 45 frame
  89. The Duckle Buster
  90. Question about phantom!
  91. Questions for those with spring feeds
  92. Old Timer Lost In The New Times (Returning Member Phantom Questions)
  93. Hybrid Vendetta style pump handles.
  94. Unknown pump kit, installation issues.
  95. 3d Printed 90* JCurt-style Grip
  96. New sight system for phantom
  97. Anybody know where to find non-stock springs?
  98. Upgrade Your Phantom
  99. 10 rnd feed tube length
  100. Old Unibody Crosman Grip Phantoms Worth Anything?
  101. Raincover Project
  102. Avoiding scratches on the barrel with the standard pump handle
  103. 3d printed phantom grip short review
  104. freak xl
  105. How old is my phantom
  106. Length of 10 round feed?
  107. 3D printed tank rings for stocks?
  108. How cold do you let it get before you stop playing SC?
  109. Phantom on remote line
  110. CCI 9" barrels w/ threaded muzzle brake
  111. Open class feed removal
  112. Dual detents
  113. Slightly deformed body?
  114. I'm looking for additional feed options.
  115. Non-invasive anti-doubling Revolution solution(now with field testing!)
  116. Simple Revolution sizer sorting solution
  117. How much money do you have into your Phantom?
  118. HPA vs 12 gram velocity swings?
  119. Other Resources for Parts?
  120. VSC valve and asa Purple and black anno
  121. L drop thingy on the asa?
  122. Price quote thread Phail.
  123. Needed:Acrylic Feed Block
  124. What have I gotten myself into...
  125. Rare Parts
  126. O-Ring Question
  127. Interest in Pump Shims
  128. What would you do?
  129. CCI Revolution
  130. Happy accident
  131. Best 12g Lever Changer Option?
  132. Wraparound wood grips for 45 frame?
  133. Do I Need a Revolution?...
  134. The revolution has begun
  135. Double-feeds - problem? or feature?
  136. Open class phantom fun
  137. Single shot detent
  138. Duckslide?
  139. crossover
  140. CCI Phantom Grip with Beavertail
  141. Which pump handle is this?
  142. CCM Pump kit on a Phantom?
  143. Revolution anti-doubling detents
  144. How to get used to a Phantom
  145. What grade of GI Sportz for a phantom
  146. Bow's Bolt-Action FSR Phantom "the poke"
  147. Looking for green or black dual rod pump parts
  148. 3D Printed Phantom Pump Handle
  149. How old are my guns?
  150. Clear Acrylic Phantom Pump Handles - Rare? Brittle?
  151. Phantom Revolution Issue
  152. phantom troubleshooting.
  153. Phantom raised stick feed from ASP
  154. CO2 Changer Comparison
  155. Sooner or later, we all face this decision
  156. Sale on Revolutions
  157. The "How Many Threads on Pump Rod Should Show?" Thread
  158. Phantom and Stock Class Video Thread
  159. Anyone ever add a vertical grip to their pump handle?
  160. Revolution questions : barrel, detent and HPA air power pistons
  161. Undergrip Dual 12 gram holder
  162. No promises - shopping suggestions
  163. The mail can't come quick enough
  164. PumpSendicate's Spring Feed Write-up and How-to.
  165. New Stockclass Harness Option
  166. tuning question - 150-220 fps on a ~15 Celsius day on HPA
  167. Value on Alum Pump
  168. Is this Phantom threads?
  169. For the life of me... I cannot remember whatís on this gun
  170. 50 Cal Phantom Conversion. Could this work?
  171. Brass barrel on a Phantom?
  172. CCM 86 Degree grip for Phantom Run
  173. Want to start my build, lots of parts I DONíT need...
  174. New Phantom 86deg Grip Option
  175. Phantom trigger frame
  176. Nelson the best platform!
  177. Unibody rollout
  178. The Winchester : A Lever Action Phantom
  179. If you had the opportunity to build your ideal phantom...
  180. Mike is looking for videos of his kids
  181. R. Cansler FSR Phantom Kits Who Owns One
  182. Air Soldier Products (ASP) Phantom Detent Mod Review
  183. CCI Phantom Case/Bag
  184. Looking for this part for the ASP CAR 15 stock
  185. Today's Phantom Mod
  186. Dual Rod U/C Kit Question
  187. Usefulness of Check Valves?
  188. Microline O'ring Size?
  189. Lapco BigShot in .678 and .675 Interest Thread for Phantom
  190. Remedy for Lesser-Quality Field Paint and the Phantom?
  191. Freak XL Phantom Barrels
  192. WWA one piece phantom feed HELP!!!!!!!!
  193. CCI T-Stock/ASA Parallel to Bore
  194. Phantom paint
  195. Phantom Trigger Pin issue
  196. Phantom Square Bodies any one have them?
  197. 5 Degree Block not Securing ASA?
  198. Getting T-stock to stay/not twist?
  199. Main Springs
  200. 15rd Feed Tube Length?
  201. Some build questions from a Phantom newb
  202. The One Phantom To Rule Them All Build!!
  203. Phantom express interchangeable parts question
  204. So I picked up a BSA red dot...
  205. Clamping feedneck for stockclass
  206. How Many Visible Threads on Pump Arm w/ UC Kit?
  207. CCI Revolution Paddle on Regular Phantom?
  208. Phantom ano prep ?'s
  209. Top-mounted CO2 Cartridge?
  210. Phantom shooting low on co2
  211. Dumb question! Phantom-compatible frames!? and advice on removing sear roll pin plz
  212. My new toy
  213. CCI phantom Unibody
  214. Phantom VSC sleeve
  215. 3D printed phantom!
  216. Revolution
  217. Valve depth and spring length
  218. Questions about the vertical air adapter
  219. New Project...
  220. Phantom one piece barrel
  221. anno question
  222. Replacement phantom internals
  223. Show and Tell Apoc4lypse SpringPheed
  224. Best lubricant for a Phantom?
  225. Phantom problem. Help please.
  226. Phantom velocity reset question..
  227. Accidentally did an eBay....
  228. Looking for green black acid wash?
  229. Leland vs Crossman, Bucket Problem
  230. Firing When Cocked
  231. L Stock Screw Length?
  232. ID One Piece Feed
  233. TPC question
  234. Frantom barrel breaking in threads...
  235. Making a Phantom Quiet..
  236. Vertical or Island style for 3.5/4oz tanks?
  237. ASP cocker threaded phantom bodies
  238. Factory CCI carbon fiber barrel
  239. Feedneck thread for SC adapter
  240. Stainless tubing wall thickness
  241. cci phantom safety removal
  242. lapco hammer
  243. Phantom T-shirts on the CCI site
  244. New Patches from CCI
  245. Regulator on a phantom?
  246. Phantom colors
  247. Looking for some help
  248. 10 round feed tube length (stupid question)
  249. 3d Printed Cram N Jam
  250. Prefer Phantom Over Sniper?