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My Tippmann 98 Custom (ares Defense Shrike)

Tippmann 98 custom
4 point collapsible stock
Response Trigger
Polished internals
16in J&J ceramic barrel
Real steal MOE M16 Hand guard custom cut to fit my 98
M16sight riser w/ picitinny rail
40mm Ncstar red dot sight
Tippmann m16 front sight
Bossman magwell
King Arms m16 Boxmag*
Reloader B Feeder*
Qloader Feed neck and Tubing*

*-king arms boxmag, dremmelled out and i chopped up a reloader b and put in inside of the mag, then i ran some Q-loader tubing up the inside and out the right into the 98 Q-loader armbracket. The battery compartment is on the left hand side and pops open for easy battery change. On the back of the boxmag I installed a rubber button and drilled a hole to the board can be activated and so you can see its on.
This has been an off again on again project of mine for quite a few months. I finally finished her this spring and let me say she is quite the blast to shoot with. Ive got the response trigger to about 12bs and the boxmag works awesome. Ive put around 2500 balls thru her and only had 1 break. She has been quite the fun experience to build but now that ive built her ive kinda become bored. I was wondering what you guys think she might be worth. (i couldn't find the section for this, mods please move if im in the wrong here)
Im also just open to comments or questions, just making some posts to show off my work and see what people think.

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very nice good work
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Thanks. She looks better in person, im terrible with photography :-p
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looks good.
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