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V-Force Grill (and Glasses)

So I came home from a great day of paintball yesterday and while cleaning up my gear I noticed that my DYE Invisions were finally starting to crack on the hard plastic part of the mask below the goggles. I'm looking into getting a new mask and I'm leaning towards the V-Force Grill...lots of good reviews, but no mention of glasses compatibility.
Does anybody have any input on whether or not these goggles fit well over glasses? If not I'm open to suggestions.
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I know the v-force profiles are awesome for people with glasses.
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2nd for Profilers and/or Morphs.

Unless you have really small glasses, the grillz are going to be too small for that.
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Depends on the size of your frames. They worked fine for me with glasses. The only week point about the Grill is the lenses. I've only tried them with the clear lenses, but there are many reports of flaking for the tinted lenses. I sold mine after a very hot tournament series. The google foam allowed sweat to run into my eyes. When I went looking for better foam, I ended up with JT goggles which had denser foam.
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If you have glasses, I would look into a goggle system that has the option for a fan.
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Friend of mine tried my profilers and they didn't work well with his glasses. He ended up using a Spectra instead and bought a Flex 7 for himself which seems to work well.

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You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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I use Profilers. and they are great with glasses. Sometimes when it is colder out, my glasses might fog a little. If that happens just turn towards the breeze and walla the fogs gone.
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I use a pair of Vforce Vantage as back ups and have no glasses issue with them.
I belive grillz are similar.
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I use a V-Force Shield (the cheap version of the profiler) same lenes, it was about the only thing that would fit my glasses. It did fog up on a humid morning.
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Go to your local BM! that sells them TRY them on.
Do not buy off the net! BM all the way!
You will have a different feel from the profiler to the grills both fit my glasses great.
But some don't like the way they fit there head! so try all you can before you buy.
Go to your local field, ask to see Players mask (before they play in them). then buy what YOU like!

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