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Originally Posted by Cockerpunk View Post
Well that doesn't look the same, we just experience it four times over simultaneously giving the illusion of sameness!
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Any place offer classes on annodizing? It would be cool to work on your own stuff...
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Any update?

Anybody actually do this yet?
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Originally Posted by astroturf5 View Post
Do they do any sort of discount for more than one gun with this finish? I kinda like it, it's so ostentatious that it just MIGHT match my play style!! lol, but seriously, I've always like the "Pearlescent" paintjobs, and this looks pretty close
We've used these guys before at work. Great guys to work with for starters.

They do everything in batch jobs. The PVD chambers they use are pretty big, and based on the quantities they've quoted us for, you should be able to get an easy 50, if not 100 guns in each batch. So needless to say if a batch order were put together the price would drop big time for all parties involved.

Hope this helps, and keep us posted if you decide to get an order together.
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i am in the process of taking my G7 Fly apart and gathering other Angel pieces (eye covers, noid covers, triggers, frames, barrels, etc) to send to Tanury. probably looking at about 30 pieces from small (eye covers) to big (body).

Will probably send it off in 2 to 4 weeks.
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If you want to try a batch run I have a project that can go in.
For Sale/Trade
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