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Dont mind the funny thread name. Its late and it seemed like a good idea.

Ok, I have a friends Spyder laying here in my lap, with its new T-board, and it needs drilled for eyes (as without them, its choping constantly). I have all the equipment and resources to do it, but I'm rather hesitant as I have never drilled a gun for eyes. Anyone have any advice, or just can do it for cheap/reasonable price/trade? I would prefer to ship this off to someone who knows what they are doing, but this marker has been sitting for about two months waiting on parts to get it back up and running. and I if I knew what I was doing, I could do it this week. I have the eyes, but no covers. Any advice on covers as well? And how to route the wires and such. Thanks in advance.

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My thoughts, not a walk through or anything.

When you think about how eyes work, it doesn't look so so bad. I'm pretty sure you just find a way to mount the gun to your drill press so it lies flat on it's side, then drill through the very top of the chamber area (where a ball would get chopped) in one shot.

I'm not certain on this though, see if you can find a write up online or look at a gun that already has them.
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