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spacecowboy 04-19-2010 05:13 PM

14" J&J lost in mail- whats it worth?
Mail came today with the 14" J&J ceramic F1 Illustrator/Raptor barrel I got in a trade from Paulduckson. Package stamped "DAMAGED IN HANDLING IN THE POSTAL SERVICE". Opened the package and it was empty except for a note from USPS saying it was received from FedEx open and empty. About to head to the post office now, but having traded for it, not really sure on a value. Any input?

TippmannFireman 04-19-2010 05:18 PM

A brand new cocker threaded J&J ceramic off ebay is about $30. Not sure of the rarity of the threading on that one, but I'd bank on it being worth $30-40.

volunteer paintball 04-19-2010 05:19 PM

they usually run 29.99 to 39.99 depending on the store i bought one for my 98 off of amazon and it was 30

DFSniper 04-19-2010 05:22 PM


get manuf. pricing ;)

spacecowboy 04-19-2010 06:39 PM

soooo much fun.... local post office told me I'm SOL- that theres nothing they can do for me because the item was shipped in subpar packaging (a USPS Readypost tube). USPS customer service line told me I have to contact fedex cause USPS received it from fedex open and empty. Fedex claims to have no record of the tracking number or any item going to or from my address.

Titus 04-20-2010 07:47 AM

How did he pack it? Unless it was insured I don't think there's much they'll do. I've had this happen to me, it's a real headache. Proper packing education is important when shipping barrels. Since you're out a barrel I'd discount one of my Hittmann APP cocker barrels if you're interested. Just PM me if you are.

spacecowboy 04-20-2010 01:51 PM

not insured, packed in a USPS readypost tube. at some point the tube got squished, the tape broke and the endcap popped off. talked to the lady at the Memphis USPS location that put the note in the packaging and sent it on empty. I explained that the missing item is a barrel for a paintball gun- approx 14" long tube, about an inch diameter and blackish color.... she said "a bell?" I had to spell out b-a-r-r-e-l for her. then she said "your missing two items?" i explained again what it was and she said "oh. so its a pink gun. that shouldn't be too hard to find"

OMG!!! then, after explaining what I'd experienced talking to the local post office, the customer service line and fedex, she told me that the USPS sends all of their priority mail through fedex and that a lot of it gets lost or damaged.... that fedex's sorting machines tear up USPS packing materials. she also told me that fedex does nothing to record USPS mail that passes through their hands, so if they lose it there's no record of where it's been.

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