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10 inch vs 12 inch deadlywind

I'll bet this has already been addressed somewhere, but I'm considering getting a 10 or 12 inch DW for my ETEK3. I've read that after 10 inches, there is no improvement for accuracy. So based on that, I'd prefer to go with 10 inches to keep everything as tight as possible. Is there any reason I should go with the 12 instead? Will accuracy suffer with the 10 inch or am I ok?
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You'll see no difference between the two.

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Originally Posted by ironmaiden View Post
Is there any reason I should go with the 12 instead?
The longer barrel may help you aim better. Longer length makes it easier to sight down the barrel for some. Like me.
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The longer barrel may also help how you play. If your using an Etek 3, chances are you're playing speedball. The longer barrel will help you push it into bunkers more, and keep better cover.

In the end, the difference between the 10" and 12" are personal preference.
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Everything posted above me is spot on as far as advice goes. I like the longer barrels for woods ball so I can stick the gun through cracks or barricades.

If the 12 inch barrel has more porting your gun will be quieter then the 10. IMO I would get the 12 inch.
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I have had a 16" DW for two or three years now and if I could only keep one piece of all my paintball equipment that barrel would be it... So i vote 16" =D
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aesthetics mostly but if you are playing speedball the longer barrel will help to push in the bunkers as stated above. I prefer a 14", but you will see no other difference between the 10" and 12".
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I can't think that there would be much difference in either accuracy or efficiency between 10" or 12" from the same manufacturer.
But I could be wrong, I haven't tried that brand.
For the most part, even two barrels the same length from the same company can have different characteristics that affect the ball going through it.
(If you disagree, I apologise. Merely my empiric observation based on personally aquired statistics, which are themselves based on paintballs which are never consistant.)

I can hit the same target with a 4" barrel on a Splatmaster that I can hit with an 18" CCI Ceramic on a Phantom.
I don't believe that length has as much to do with trajectory as the match to each individual paintball.

Sorry, got carried away with the response...

You don't have to believe this, but it's truth that I have personally measured up to 0.030" difference in diameter across the X-Y-Z axis of a single paintball.
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i like the 14'' personally for my S5. for my etek 3 i just use the stock 12'' barrel. idk if my etek could handle 14inches of carbon fiber goodness haha.

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Wow! Thanks for all the feedback! I like speedball, but play mostly woodsball for convenience (the field is closer, and my friends don't play speedball). It seems like more people prefer the 12 inch of the two. Does anyone use a 10 inch and like the shorter length?
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