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are my prices that far off?

Is this unreasonable to ask in this economy? I haven't kept up with the market very well, but seems like I'm not getting any bites...

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They seem "right" but if they are not selling...

Not sure what to say, aside from recent leather where people ask me "how much?" my sales have been terrible. Had to take a kick to the balls to move anything.

Ebay may be a better option, or sell locally. I hate to say it, but MCB is NOT the place to sell at top dollar.
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It's the market. Since it's been so bad for so long, people buying have gotten to the point where a good deal just isn't good enough for them.
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honestly you might be better off parting the cocker. You could "almost" make your asking price on parting the pump kit, cp reg, trigger frame and barrel. right feeds aren't for everyone.
but the re-sale market is in the dump right now. i have a bunch of items that i don't use, that i know to move them i will have to pretty much give them away. i just got to get off my *** to take pics and list them.
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They are a bit high in my mind, if I wanted them to sell i'd knock $50 off the asking price for each one or at least $25.
Then again, they have not been up that long. If you can wait a week or two, see what offers and interest you get and go from there.
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I would buy the carbine but i just don't have the money now....
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