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that's what I have there, if you are planning to fill the extra gap it shouldn't be an issue for you. You'll see what I mean when you get the parts together though.

You do need to reset the plunger length with different types of 12g's (crossman, BE, MOSA ...). Not an issue really if you stick to the better brands and to one type. I usually keep a spare empty of the more common types for setting plunger length when I do have to use the misc pile.
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Looks like you got things covered here... but just so you know, the OD on the main body of the lever changer is .765"
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ok great. thanks a lot to both of you. should make this a lot easier. You'll get credit for helping out.

oh, and according to tymcneer (at least w/the tube he had)
valve tube: 7/8 (.875) OD x .050 wall (.775 ID)

so there's .010 difference, which means .005 in difference in radius, which is approximately 5 human hairs. so it's a tight fit, but it'll work out nice.
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