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Yeah, I was just kidding...Ninja knows that. I got $155 headed their way on December 26th!
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Since we've just determined that this thread is just a whiner thread, for someone that will be happy with nothing less than the utter demise of any type of HPA air source (but he seems to really have a hate on for his current tank), I'm gonna jump a few pages back.
Anyone thought ... considering that the tank is new ... there is generally a break in period for any regulated device as the springs seat in. During this process there is a common understanding that some irregular output is normal. Now, saying that a CO2 tank is far more consistent in output pressure ... Sorry dude ... gonna call BS on that one. Perhaps if you went with a consistent decline in pressure during use, or if given sufficient time between shots ... but during their typical use there will be a marked drop in output pressure during any type of sustained or semi-sustained firing (this effect is less evident during warmer summer months, and blatantly apparent during winter months). Specifically due to those thermal dynamic properties you keep talking. That's that part where as the liquid boils off to a gas it robs energy form the surrounding environment resulting in temperature drop inside the tank, with this temp. drop comes a resultant pressure drop. what pressure comes out of the tank is remarkably dependent on the ambient temperature .... this is where that whole dynamic part kicks in.
Now back to the present ... You've got a tank that output a rough constant pressure ... yes, rough, that means there will be some pressure fluctuation. Worse than a CO2 tank ... Not even close.
In this thread you've called numerous people all but moronic in your statements as they try to help or to understand just what caused the issue you were having. Hell, even the manufacturer is (again I point this out) OFFERING TO SEND YOU FREE REPAIR PARTS or EXCHANGE THE ENTIRE TANK FOR A NEW SYSTEM COMPLETELY. And you still can't find even a modicum of happiness in this ... you feel the utmost need to rant, charging forward in you self imposed CO2 takeover. Well, hate to break it to you ... you missed that battle by a few years, it's already over. Both sides have called a relative peace and accepted to shortcomings of both systems or propulsion. Nowadays both are relatively commonplace (I know 90% of the field on this island offer at least some form of HPA whether it be 3K scuba or 4.5K bulk). Perhaps in warmer climes it's not so evident, but then there will be lees issues with CO2's winter usages.
ANd don't get me wrong, I'm not touting to be some self proclaimed expert, but I can admit truth from fiction ... I use both CO2 and HPA as an end user. I will continue to use BOTH propellants as they have good AND bad points to their use.
needless to say this thread is done, there's just no helping someone who is bound and determined to be wholly unhappy with something.
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