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Macro fittings for PVI Shocker?

I was able to finally get my old PVI Shocker re-wired, thanks to Brewtt's generosity in lending me his so I could autopsy it.

Anyhow, it uses a fat 3/8" macro hose from the reg to the gun. One of my fittings is cracked and leaks pretty bad and I haven't been able to locate a replacement. I was talking to Craig P, he suggested just using standard 1/4" macro.

Being that this gun is a low-pressure gas hog, will the smaller macro choke it? Both Brewtt's and mine use the larger macro.
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Ive got a pile of the larger diameter fittings.. I took them off my impulse I had I think..

Ill pay it foward if you want them.

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Standard Macro works fine, I hate the large macro, it doesnt bend and contort very well for any application thats different than what SP set-up.
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Well I have had both on my shocker and didn't notice any difference on air efficiency or any type of shoot down issues.So I say go with whatever you can get your hands on.
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I remember the hose being weak as hell. I had an on gun setup running co2,the Maxflo decided it wanted to creep building up a little extra pressure, causing the hose to blow right in my face. I called SP and they told me they designed the hose to do that so it wouldn't over pressurize the solenoids.
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I was actually thinking I was going replace the huge macro lines on mine when I got it back from you. Sucks to have to pull it apart to get at the batteries.

Perhaps If you wanted my huge fittings and hose I could possibly part with them.

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