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Shipping to Canada

Shipping To Canada

Its easy!

Rule #1 ALWAYS use USPS no matter what!
-Other couriers charge a handling fee of $40+ on any package crossing the border worth more than $20. This fee then bites the buyer because they cannot get their item until the fee is paid at the pick up location.

Rule #2 NEVER use the word GUN
-Use ‘marker’ or parts or supplies or whatever but NOT gun. Canadian customs will tear through any package marked ‘gun’.

Rule #3 Always mark what is in the package accurately.
-Mark the package with what is in it keeping in mind Rule #2. The US customs form has a spot where you must list the package contents. This protects both the seller and buyer in the case of damage or lost packages. If the list is not filled out correctly in the case of a mishap neither party may get their money back…

Rule #4 Try and get tracking and insurance on the package.
-This is something for the buyer and seller to discuss. High value items should always have insurance anyway. Tracking just makes it that much easier for people to see their goods coming to them.

Things to remember:
- Customs MAY charge the receiver when the package arrives…Usually this happens only on NEW items but its often more miss than hit.
- Customs MAY hold onto the item for an unspecified length of time…
- MOST of the time items cross the border with very little hassle.
- You will have to fill out an extra form, but it will only take a few extra minutes and its not hard!

Very Important!! The cost of shipping to Canada is NOT A HUGE AMOUNT MORE!
- A little bit more, yes, and we Canucks are willing to deal with that.

If I have forgotten anything that should be in here, let me know and I will edit this post.

Thanks from all us Canucks!!

More info

Originally Posted by lazydan View Post
Whenever im looking to buy something EVERYONE is always under the impression that it costs way more to ship to Canada.

1) shipping in the way you have to ship when going US to US (min. priority) does cost more if sent to Canada, but not that much more.

2) However, when shipping to Canada you have the option of shipping First-Class International. Most don't know this because First-class domestic is only for very very small packages. But, with INTERNATIONAL first-class shipping you can send just about anything, and most of the time it comes out CHEAPER than it does to ship within the USA. I get EVERYTHING i buy shipped first-class international.

for example i got a brand new Ninja 68/4500 shipped to Manitoba from Florida.. cost him $14 to ship to me. Cant beat that !

it would cost you just as much to ship it within the US using the cheapest method available (priority)
Originally Posted by Rifle View Post
Don't forget though if you get stuck with UPS/Fedex you can clear the package yourself and save the brokerage fees. That said, USPS is the best for all concerned.
10 March 13 Edit: Here is a Fantastic write up I found on PBN

Originally Posted by Sirriko View Post
Hello fellow Nation,

I've recently saw a forum of someone asking about shipments to Canada from the states so I gave them my opinion based on my experience:

Here is one thing about shipping to Canada, I live here so don't try to correct me as I have pretty good experience with shipments from the US.

1)Be prepared to pay for international tax from packages not marked as "gifts" or "letters". This can range from like 10-60 bucks depending on the size. But if you plan on buying gear the dimensions of lets say a gearbag, be prepared for the high 50's or low 60's depending on where you live on just tax itself once it arrives at your door step.

2) Packages improperly marked as gift's and not as business can sometimes come across the unfortunate event of random search's and the package will be confiscated and the shipper will be contacted. However it's farely hard to prove if you actually payed for this product. You don't need to worry about this with retail stores online as they always ship legit.

3)International letters through USPS will be delivered directly to your mailbox, and you dont need to pay international tax on these. USPS ships it to the border, it goes through customs, and Canada Post takes it over. Expect it to take about 7-10 days. Maximum being 30.


A little information from capt_neumo from ebay giving his information on shipments:
USPS is (fairly) FAST & EASY!

DO IT ALL ON-LINE at!: Calculate and buy postage, print labels, order supplies, track packages and get on-line discounts:

Also check out eBay's USPS SHIPPING ZONE:

USPS has an easy international rate calculator.
1. Select the country.
2. Select the mail type/shape (i.e. 'package').
3. Enter weight (lbs & ozs).
4. Click on 'continue.' The calculator will provide you a list of ALL your USPS mailing/shipping options and costs for your box -- plus on-line customs forms/info and shipping labels. (NOTE: the calculator page provides access to a convenient downloadable (pdf) international rates chart, as well.)


NOTE: USPS does NOT use foreign postal (zip) codes/addresses to calculate shipping -- just weight. That's because mail that crosses the border becomes the responsibility of CanadaPost. In other words, the same package will cost the same amount no matter where it's mailed to in Canada!

USPS Preparing International Shipments info/rules:

Canada-specific rules:


1. FIRST CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL (FCMI): (Formerly Airmail Letter-post & Economy Letter-post.) A great, economical service for envelopes and small boxed items weighing 4 lbs or less and up to 36" around (length + width + depth). FCMI canNOT be insured, but it can be REGISTERED. (Note: USPS requires that some items such as jewelry, stocks/bonds, et al., be sent First Class Mail Int'l, Registered).

2. PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL (PMI): (Formerly Global Priority Mail, Airmail Parcel-post and Economy Parcel-post.) PMI provides tracking and optional insurance for envelopes and boxes small to large. It also offers Flat-Rate envelopes, as well as a 5% discount for purchasing postage on-line.

3. EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL (EMI): (Formerly Global Express Mail or EMS.) EMI includes tracking and insurance for envelopes and boxes small to large, and offers faster service (half the time of Priority Mail Int'l). EMI also offers Flat-Rate enveloped, as well as an 8% discount for purchasing postage on-line. Another express service, 4. GLOBAL EXPRESS GUARANTEED, offers guaranteed delivery (via FedEx) in 1-3 business days for envelopes and boxes.

COMPARE RATES! (Note: current prices may be different as mail rates increase - still cheaper than courier/freight services.)

1. First Class Mail Intl: (1 lb) $4.66 (2 lbs) $8.26 (3 lbs) $11.86 (4 lbs) $15.46 - most economical (only goes to 4 lbs)

2. Priority Mail Intl*: (1 lb) $16.00 (2 lbs) $17.30 (3 lbs) $18.16 (4 lbs) $19.90 - trackable & insurable

3. Express Mail Intl*: (1 lb) $23.25 (2 lbs) $25.00 (3 lbs) $26.75 (4 lbs) $28.50 - fastest

*Flat rate and on-line discounts available. Tracking included.


NOTE on Brokerage Fees (there are none): Because USPS & CanadaPost have long standing agreements to handle each other's mail, brokers' fees are NEVER charged. EXPENSIVE BROKERS FEES MUST be CHARGED BY MOST OTHER COURIER/SHIPPING SERVICES. BUT NOT USPS or CANADA POST! :-)


There are only two standard USPS customs forms for Canada-bound packages: 1. First Class Mail (4x3 green sticker: PS Form 2976) and 2. Priority Mail (6.5x8 white form & sleeve: PS Form 2976-A & 2976-E - the clear holding sleeve). NOTE: USPS provides printable online customs forms and shipping labels. (eBay's USPS site provides a direct link to USPS labels:

Filling Out Customs Forms: All customs forms require: 1. CONTENTS (item(s) description): the eBay item (for example, 'Used Coat'), and 2. VALUE: always the eBay Winning Bid. 3. The Priority Mail and online forms require the addition of both parties' names, addresses and buyer's ('importer's') phone number or e-mail.

NOTE on Customs Valuation: When declaring the value on customs forms, 'VALUE' IS the PRICE PAID (the EBAY WINNING BID). (Backed up by the eBay invoice and PayPal/MO/cancelled check receipt.)

Customs fees and USPS insurance claims are ALWAYS based on purchase receipts -- the actual price paid for an item -- NOT an estimated or figured value, such as what an item may (or may not) be worth. Unfortunately 'over valuing' items, even in an attempt to be helpful, can cause unnecessary extra expenses for Canadians in taxes and fees.

I've had people tell me that the post office told them to write in "anything" for value on the customs form. This is wrong and is NOT a USPS call. It's a Canada Customs law. Value is what a buyer paid for the eBay item being shipped over the border.

IMPORTANT info on PACKAGE ID: Always include full names and addresses (with street) and fill out the customs form, or packages may be delayed. Canada Customs (as does US Customs) has the authority to open boxes and they MAY, if an item is not properly identified, or improperly marked as 'gift.' Then they will tax the item at what they think it's worth (plus handling). Customs isn't always fooled by packages marked 'gift'! :-)

NOTE on Commercial Importers VS eBayers: License, certificate, invoice and tariff numbers, and tax/VAT/importer codes are for COMMERCIAL importers (senders) only and do NOT apply to most (individual/private) eBayers. Yippee!



1. TAXES (the most common fee): Canada Customs ONLY assesses taxes (GST or HST) on goods valued at $20 CAD (about $18-22 USD) or more. Taxes are generally about 5-15% (depending on the provincial destination). An $8.50 'handling' fee is also added when an item is taxed. When taxes are charged, Customs sticks a taxes-owing form on the box and the box is held by the Post Office as a COD. Recipient pays the tax/handling when the package is retrieved.

NOTE: Customs cannot check every box, so frequently items valued at more than $20 CAD do get through with no charge -- it's a 'hit-or-miss' situation. Likewise, if taxes are over-charged due to a missing customs form or a seller over-value, recipients can send in to Canada Customs proof-of-payment (eBay invoice and PayPal/money order receipt or cancelled check), along with the customs tax form stuck to the box (make a copy first) to get a refund.

2. DUTY: Thanks to NAFTA there is NO DUTY assessed on goods made in the US or Canada (or Mexico); or on used goods, generally. Most eBay transactions do NOT involve duty. (Yippee!) But duty may be assessed on NEW or high-end used items made ('originating') outside of North America.

Other FEES:

There are none! When using USPS/Canada Post the buyer will NEVER get a 'surprise' brokerage fee. Brokers are used by other shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, etc.) to import and deliver items. Brokerage fees can cost as much as the entire item and shipping fees!! But USPS/CanadaPost have agreements with each other to handle each other's mail, so NO BROKERAGE FEES are EVER charged with USPS (or CanadaPost) services! Yippee!



BOX REUSE TIP: You can turn printed/used boxes inside out to use again (no need to cover with brown paper -- which USPS and CanadaPost do not like anyway because it rips/gets caught in machinery)!

I hope this 'manual' helps. As an American-Canadian living here, I know that Canadians LOVE having the choice of US eBay goods! And we'll help drive up your earnings (and make it worth your business while) if you ship here!! Please contact me with questions, comments or additions/corrections. Thanks & best of luck!

And again, it all depends on where you live and where the shipment is coming from. Correct me if I'm wrong but taxes on shipments do vary from province to province in Canada.

Just a quick note to all you new ballers on PBNation seeking to get your gear, etc. from the USA. Hope you all have a great experience in your future transactions and happy balling!

Please comment and bump this thread to make it popular and well known thanks
And thanks to smiffington for this idea.

Originally Posted by smiffington View Post
Anyway, if the sender puts some old paint in a little bag with whatever is being shipped, then they know it is paintball equipment. This has helped me a few times. And if the sender just marks the package as "paintball equipment Quatntity: 1" then they can not try and peg you for lying, because: "hey, it says paintball equipment and there are paintballs in there, it must be paintball crap!"
Thanks Rainman229, some good advice here!

Originally Posted by Rainman229 View Post
Priority usps pricing needs to be corrected on threads start page. Prices just went up a few months back.
just a heads up.

Also another note for using priority verse parcel. Mostly good on a sellers stand point. Return shipping if un deliverable is included . Had a few returned in the past that were sent parcel post.
And the return shipping cost back cost double then the shipping to canada. parcel is great till the returns bite you a few times. Main reason i perfer shipping priority over parcel. Place i don't have to go to post office to ship priority .
Update 27 Sep 2016 from Manning

Originally Posted by Manning View Post
I've had a couple dealings recently about sending quotes for shipping overseas and the reply back has been that shipping should only be $15 or so. I took these pictures today:

Yeah that's flat rate priority so maybe it can get there cheaper for a long delivery time or something but this becomes the cheaper option once you have a package at a certain weight and most guns qualify for that. This is why price quotes are what they are for our OCONUS friends.

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Well said! Whenever I find a great deal on ebay, or here I hate seeing no shipping outside of the US... and even worse is when the buyer ships UPS and I pay so much in customs that it negates any deal I had on price!
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Thanks for this sticky! It needed to be here for a while!

Great write up too.

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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
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i never understood why people said they wouldent ship to canada.
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Brass tube seems to work pretty well for me


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I am not longer accepting work. Sorry.

I do not have any tubing for sale, nor will I be restocking. Once more, sorry.

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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
Brass tube seems to work pretty well for me

Yes it did!
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Ive used "machined parts" and "sporting goods"

One case Ive even used "Skiiing equipment" on a mask
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Like I said, its ok and advisable to be accurate in your descriptions as long as you DON'T use the word 'gun'...

That being said, as long as it gets through, we don't really care!
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When sending a gun I always put 'pneumatic marking equipment'.
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I go with 'Used sporting goods'
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