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A well attached flatline regulator

So, I'm gonna build up a 22/3000 HPA set up for my Tac-1 longbow and under barrel mount it like an M-203

But, the Flatline regulator is quite content with its current home on a Carlton Fiber wrapped tank.

The tank is clamped in my bench vice via the AGD drop and the fill nipple rotates to touch the drop and stops any further rotation of regulator parts.

mr. plastic handled strap wrench is orbiting the moment of kaboom

Most likely I am battling loktited threads,
which could be placated with the application of fire,
but I do not want to damage the tank or consume any regulator O rings.
So mr. smoke wrench waits in the wings.

Would a Hair dryer safely heat things up enough to weaken the bond?

Maybe i can clamp the tank in the padded pipe jaws of my vice and run a threaded rod through the air ports of the regulator to use as a cheater bar mount.

I have not proceeded to far at this point
since i don't want to use MONGO power and crush anything...

Am I missing any tricks to breaking an AGD Flatlines bond?

It doesn't look like there is any thread lock nut...

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I had a 68/3000 Flatline, and it took me clamping the reg in a vise and using a big-honking leather strap wrench on the tank. Once it was clamped properly, it didn't take too much force at all. I had previously tried holding onto the reg with a crescent wrench (on the fill nipple), and just using hand strength on the strap wrench, but that didn't work. It took the vise/strap wrench combo, at which point it came off nicely. Good luck!
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Hot water run over the neck of the bottle will help. A hair dryer should warm it it just as well. IF you make a cheater bar, make sure its SS and you thread it ALL the way into the threaded hole. When I teched for AA we had a couple of handles like that. I have found that using both hands can be more effective to loosening the tank. Stand the tank up, clamp the reg in a vice and give'r a try. But warm up the neck first.
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I also hear that freezing the setup for a few hours then tossing it back into the vise might work.

No idea just tossing that idea out there.

As I am told the reason it works is because the metal swells up and cracks the loctite.
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I heated the FL up with a hairdryer and gave it a good wookie push on the strap wrench while the other hand twisted the bottle

it came right off, once i exceeded the torque used to put it on

There was nothing on the threads

What is the torque setting for a tank install?
150 foot pounds?

My 22/3000 flatline looks pretty cool
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