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Q Loaders

Wasn't sure where to ask this so here's it goes. Anyone use a Q loader setup? Love em? Hate em? Ever since they came out a while back, I wanted to try one out. I like mag-fed play so I wanna give this a try. Thanks for the input.
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They are quite a pain to deal with and can be buggy. I had one for a season before i gave up on trying to tinker with all of its quirks. If your going for a milsim look it works well for mounting under the gun but for everyday use having to deal with the pods, meticulous loading of each pod, and limited capacity just didnt work for me. The only thing i did keep was my Q-pack and still use it today
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Never liked mine. There are issues when the pod gets down to the last couple balls (chopping, not feeding the last ones). Brittle paint is a big no no. I also found mine uncomfortable to play with. To load the pods was a bitch. Overall, I had one, and haven't had another.

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Loved mine, have two setups. Used them extensively for the past 5 years.
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Very fast feeding. THe Gen 1 pods are prone to self destructing, when you feed over 30 bps. The Gen 2 pods (The ones without the nylon ball) are much more reliable.

I have used them for a couple of speed marker builds. They can be finicky, and very brutal on paint, when you run them at silly high ROFS. The sudden stops from 30 bps to nothing, crushes paint... Ask me how I know.


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I had one on my a5 when I bought it, sold it short after.

I never had issues with it, but it was cumbersome, pods were expensive and they were a pain to clean. Unless you need an insane ROF for something, I'd go with a standard loader.
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I've transitioned it from my M98 Tippmann, my Woodstalker Ion (in sig), and now, it's on my SP-1. On the first two, problems, problems, problems. On the SP-1, I have it direct mounted (feeding downwards, into the breech) and with the pre-winds way low, it works great.

I fed nothing but Marballizers through it (on every gun) and no matter what for the first two guns, I had problems (pinching in the socket, 1.5 balls in the breech, the list goes on). The reason: I don't shoot enough.

Every ball in the stack between the pod and the breech shares the full pressure of the spring. If you don't cycle those balls through fast enough, they will compress, and the number of balls fitting in the tube will increase, leading to 1.5 in the breech and .5 in between the pod and the socket. The "fast enough" part is dependent upon your paint, the weather, and the number of pre-winds.
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Good stuff guys, thanks for the info. Always wondered why they didn't seem to catch on.
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