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Looking for Reg/Tank Advice

I have a CenterFlag Dynaflow regulator, which I am led to believe is still an awesome reg, despite its age. Output pressure is very adjustable. It is not a screw-in reg, but has a dovetail mount.

I have a sniper and a blazer that I'm looking to actually start running on air, but the tank attached to the Dynaflow is rather old, and should probably be replaced. I don't shoot much paint and would be looking for a small tank. Unlimited air fills seems to be the norm now.

So I was looking for some advice.

Should I:

Keep the Dynaflow and put it on a new tank?
If so, can you purchase a tank without a regulator to save money on it, and where? And what would I use to make the tank/reg easily swappable between the two markers?
Or purchase a new tank and reg?
If so, ninja seems to be the way to go. Then just get one of these new setups and a spare ASA? Apparently (most?) modern tanks aren't really adjustable and you just use the on-gun reg?
Thank you all for any advice.
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You might try contacting Carleton directly and ask if they will sell one to you. I believe but may be wrong, that most reg manufacturers buy the cylinders and just add the their to the cylinder. Crossfire may be the exception but like I said I COULD be wrong.
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If you can spare the cash, I'd list the old tank and reg for $40-$50 on craigslist and then order yourself a nice 45/4500 or 68/4500 ninja tank. They are such great tanks...well worth it, IMO.

Alternatively, you could send the old tank to Ninja and for about $60 plus shipping, they'll hydrotest it and put a ninja reg on there. You could then sell the older reg for a few buck to offset the expense...
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