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Miltec mt65... That's right, I said it.

Receipt acquired the above mentioned weapon and have been having some issues with it. When I got it I noticed an air leak so I switched out some o rings. after that for some reason whenever I would shoot the gun it would no longer recock itself I would have to recock it every time to shoot it. I take it to several stops to get it fixed and no 1 can seem to fix it. help? he said something about needing a new regulator but I can't seem to find 1 anywhere
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What size oring did you use on the hammer? It may require a specific type of oring to seal properly. The WG65 does not need a regulator. It actually prefers the full 850 psi.

Let me check my manual when I get home for the size of the hammer oring.
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im not sure what size they used. i also thought it was the hammer o ring but we tried several of them and nothing seemed to work. really excited about this gun when i got it for fathers day last year and havent been able to play with it at all
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you might want to check the trigger spring it maybe collasped enough or broke for that matter, not allowing the hammer to engage it to stop the forward motion of the hammer. i have found this from time to time repairing spyders,which for all intended purposes the lower frame is oriented as a spyder.

any chance that there is a trigger adjuster on it? it might be set too tight(short trigger pull) which also will cause one shot issues.

You may also want to make sure the buffer is behind the bolt,sounds idiotic,but even i have done this and it's too easy to do,plus since it sounds like you have had it out for service is there any chance that there might be 2 buffers in the marker-one in front of hammer,one behind? have seen this to!. hopefully one of these tips will get you up and running good luck.
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I'll look into the trigger. I know the buffer is good because I have taken that apart myself after downloading the manual and put it all back together in the correctorder
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Do you mean its firing and not re cocking as in the bolts just bouncing back and forth? or as in it just fires but the bolt doesn't move back at all? If its the former it might not be getting enough air pressure to re cock it, If its the latter try taking out the bolt and turn it around. that happened to one of my spyders, turned out my bolt was just in upside down.
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Couple other tips:
--Make sure you dry fire oil through the entire setup. This will eliminate oil being an issue.

--Make sure to check the trigger sear. Wear and tear might round it out where the sear grabs the hammer and its just not catching.

--Check out the bolt mainspring. If its similar to an A5 spring, you can get a spring kit that will add extra tension behind the bolt, thus manually upping the velocity. (This in junction to the sear issue might be the problem)

--If you can get ahold of, or possibly modify, a regulator that outputs around 900 psi that might make the marker function. I've dealt with HP tank regs and that change in output will drastically change velocity. (Again, if the sear doesn't catch with this method, then its definitely a bad sear.)

In my experience with working with markers, it always helps to either write down or make a mental list of any possible problems and just systematically cross them out.
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