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Best Hydro/Regulator Mail-in Service?

I have a couple tanks that I need re-hydro'd, namely an old AGD 3k flatline and a Max-Flo 4500. I've seen the local guy's re-hydro's and he slaps disgusting piles of epoxy goo over top a shoddy sticker.

I want something clean and nice as far as re-hydro tags.

Also, I'd like to convert one of the bottles over to a non-adjustable high pressure output for use on my automags - having to switch the entire system every time I use a different mag is becoming too inconvenient. I'd like a standard screw-in style reg with a very high output for RT use.

Anyone have any good experiences or recommendations for a place that can do this for me?

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NINJA does everything you just asked for.
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Local guys as in United fire on 4th Ave? I took mine there and it was $16 total for a tank. There isn't really any other way to put a new date on the tank without using a plate and epoxying it on. I have a tank cover, so it doesn't really matter anyway but I found it to be clean enough for me.
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Ninja does great work and make a high pressure reg specifically designed for mags.
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For the regs part, I will also add in on Ninja. But if you want just a hydro, there is a place up here that does great work, they hydro's fast, and they are very reasonable on their price. Like $17.95, plus $5 for removal of a reg, and $5 for reinstall. Now if you take off your reg yourself, it's just $17.95.

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Normally I would recommend a Crossfire regulator, but they max out around the 800 PSI to the 850 PSI range. To get a RT Automag to sing you need closer to 1,000 PSI. The Ninja reg will be your best bet.

You will want to check the born on dates for the tanks before you send them in. The fiber wrapped tanks only have a service life of 15 years. If the regulators are on their original bottles both could very well be approaching the end of their service life.
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