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Question about goggle foam

So, as I have said in the past, I just got back into paintball on a budget. I picked up an older set of JT XFire's due to the price:


I wore them at Wayne's World over the weekend while watching some Airsoft fellas waste most of their time to figure out how to attack the fort they just lost possession of, lol.

I must say they were the most un-comfortable goggles I have ever worn. The foam is stiff and course and digs into the lower parts of your eyes. Does anyone know where to find some replacement foam (soft) for JT Elite goggles or know of any other replacement product ?
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Any way you can still return them? I think the Vents Helix with Thermal lens is about the same price...
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I could, but that would equate to more shipping charges and more headache. I would like to find some softer foam and redo them myself. I plan to get a Pro-Flex soon, just not real soon. Always had good luck with JT's, wished I would have waited and saved for the Pro Flex's.
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Any elite mask will do that. I have an x-fire as well, its just the low end foam. Definitely look around for cheap flexes, I got mine for 25 bucks.
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If that's where you got your X-fire's, that's not a very good price. But still, they're a good system.

Do you have closed or open-cell foam? I prefer closed-cell, so I actually just use foam weatherstripping. Most low-end JT masks come with awful foam that feels like sandpaper. The weatherstripping is basically what the low end masks came with in the late 90's when I got mine. Empire Event Invert Avatar Goggle Foam Replacement Kit: Sports & Outdoors
this could be made to work. You'd have to do some cutting and fitting, but it's high-end stuff.

Not to turn this into a mask discussion thread, but you could just get a Proteus or Proshield... I've gotten each for less than $10 used, shopping around. Throw in a lens and you're good to go.
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