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Another CL price check. Yeah, I know.

Yep, another one. I've decided I like buying stuff. And selling stuff. So... yeah....

ICD '05 Freestyle - Paintball

I don't know much about ICD's except that they're made here in Idaho (or at least used to be).

Good deal? Any profit to be made? Re-sale price?

Seems to come with a barrel kit and a Halo B, so keep that in mind.

Nemo Malus Felix
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i think if you parted out the reg, loader and barrel kit, you could probably make your money back (depending on condition and upgrades)
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It's an OK deal. None of that stuff is really that sought after or easy to sell. Hard to say if it's worth it. If you got it cheaper than the asking price you might make a couple bucks.

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That stuff is gonna be hard to flip. I wouldn't get it unless you plan on keeping it all. Only thing that's guaranteed to sell is the CP reg, but then you're stuck with a regless gun.
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If you by that plan on using it, ICD is hard to sell, there is not much of a demand for them any more. That being said....They shoot great, they are probably the most underrated guns ever. I wouldn't hesitate to pic that up if your looking for a good playing gun at a good price. But if you are looking to flip and make money...probably not such a good idea.
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