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help me pick a bore size

So I found out the paint at my field is sizing at .682 I'm using an autococker and shocker sport, both closed bolt. Instead of investing in a bunch of freak stuff and barrels and sizers I decided to go with an ifit kit for both guns and underbore. On my shocker sport I ordered a lapco .687 bore barrel to overbore my paint for a gentle gun on bad weather days. For the autococker I got a .684 lapco but at the time I thought my paint was .676 I had a bad sizer on another kit. So with .682 paint and a .684 barrel am I too close to bore matching and loosing consitancy. Should I trade in my barrel for a .687 or .681 or am I good with the ifit and .684. Thx
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I use a 679 on everthing these days.


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Shipped price is valid to domestic buyers and will be USPS priority. International buyers are welcome, but will cover additional costs. Insurance costs are included. If you prefer an uninsured package, you the buyer will assume all risk once I ship.
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I own a 682/679/676 backs and use a 14 inch barrel.. mostly shooting the 679 tho.
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If you arent having many problems with the .684, theres no need to spend extra money. The efficiency difference with such a small change in barrel diameter is minimal.

However, since you did say its a closed bolt, I expect that you occasionally get rollouts. If this is the case, the best solution would be a good underbore. The lurker .678 barrel is one of the least expensive options at $40, and its a damn good barrel.
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Eigenbarrel runs a .678 barrel, autococker threading, for $40 on the Lurker website.

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If you have the Ifit kit and can use it on both barrels then you are good.
If you have the 6 piece kit you are good to under bore down to .671 sized paint and .668 with the 9 piece kit.
with your barrel you can under bore up to .689 sized paint for your cocker
That is a very wide range of paint size that you can under bore.
The ifit kit will stop roll outs and help with consistency, but you wont see big increases in efficiency (but you should see some increases)

i use both an ifit kit and a freak kit at the same time
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