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Comparing pumps, need some input.

So i might be looking at getting another pump, currently i have an SM1. I was wondering how that compares vs an azodin vs an empire sniper. Looking for in terms of sound, efficiency, simplicity, overall quality. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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I can't really think of a category that the Azodin beats the Empire in other than price.
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If your SM1 is well tuned, you are set. CCM S6 is my fav. I have had several cocker pumps, but none of the ones you have listed.
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From everything ive seen/heard, the sniper and sm1 are on the same basic level. If you want to upgrade, id go for a ccm. But, if you want a back up gun, id go for the kp.
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Huge Difference between Empire Sniper and Sm1. Empire is better is every aspect except price.


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Same -basic- level. I was refering to price, and some basic similarities (halfblock, being fairly non standard). I agree the sniper blows the sm1 out of tue water, im just saying if you are going do dish 420 for a sniper, you should give the extra 100 for a t2/6.5, and if he wants a back up, go for the kp.
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dunno - have you taken a very close look at the internals of the new empire sniper? then thought about how you would go about getting parts if you need em? I think Empire did good and made a nice niche marker - they really need to expand the backs available tho - big time.

SM-1's that I have handled needed just a bit of <3 out the door after that they seemed to perform like champs /shrug - will be getting one later this year to put my $$$ where my thoughts are /shrug

comparing packages to a build up is not quite apples to oranges lol

I think for a person who wants a tuned package out the door - Empire Snipers are well priced for what you get - the only 2 issues I have with them are the barrel backs not being available in more sizes and the guts....beyond that they seem to do just fine.

The 2 new ones I have seen were kind of interesting and had a hiccup or two - but performed just fine on the field (grant one had to be sent back to the factory for a quick fix tho heh)

end of the day do your homework and pick what appeals to you in your price range.
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i have the SM-1
i havent tried the sniper and i have only used a rental azodin for 1 day (the cocking rod broke on it, but i think that was more to do with the fact that it was a rental) when i was trying out pump play
it fired fine - paint was bad and i wasnt able to underbore so i really cant give a fair judgement)

I like my SM-1, I got mine brand new
It took about maybe 1000 shots to smooth out the pump stroke a bit. It is not CCM smooth but it is ok
Unless you get a used one, when you buy it you only get the frame. you dont get a reg, ASA, barrel or grips.
so depending on what you want, that will add some cost to your purchase.
at the end of it i was probably around $500 for my setup.

hard to find a empire sniper used, but another couple of months and you will probably see a few more around.

to sum up
price of SM-1 new = price of empire sniper new
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If those are your only choices, Sniper>KP. Azodins are essentially spyder clones with cocker threads & dovetail asa rails, so they'll still have that low end feel.
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In my opinion, the Empire Sniper is not worth that price tag, considering you might be able to buy a used but very well kept CCM from the forums. Or, you can even buy one of the many snipers (cocker pumps) available, most of them on here are mostly or completely CCM'd.

You can't beat the Azodin KP in terms of price. Sure it might not have the smoothest pump stroke or best efficiency, but at the end of the day, it propels a paintball at 280fps just like every other marker.
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