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nels840 04-07-2012 12:49 PM

Pump tournament help
My team and I are putting together a pump tournament and I could use some help, advice and input. Keeping it old school / new school the field is allowing me to use their 5 man speedball field (will be setup for 3 man play) and one of their many towns or rec fields. So players get a varierty of games. My team will be refing the games , team manager will be doing points and scores and I will be floating from the field and to the staging area helping anyway I can.

Entry - $150 a team
Paint - $60-70 a case depending on grade

The format:
5 min game
Center flag

points system:
Flag hang - 50pts
flag pull -20pts
elminated player -10 pts (per player)
alive players - 5pts(per player)
total - 100pts

prizes depending on a 10 team showing
1st - 2 ccm t2 or 2 empire sniper markers + medals
2nd - 2 48/4500 fiber wrap tanks + proto primo hoppers +medals
3rd - 2 dye i4 mask + 2 barrel swaps + 2 medals
M.V.P - Medal

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