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You will make the Smart Parts Gods angry with that blasphemy!


"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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The magic box was literally a small 18 npt hollo tube that had a capped end. This was then put into the dump chamber, thus holding more volume. The box was a piece of aluminum that made the boxy look. The inlet into the normal air valve had an extended section, it was a 1/8 npt male to 1/8 npt female, roughly 1.25" long. The aluminum box thing sort of held them relatively together, but gave it that magic box look.

I saw literally 0 difference shooting with it installed, and upon removal of said part. Did absolutely nothing good, nor bad that I could tell. Chrono speed changed a whopping 4 FPS higher upon removal using nitro, and using CO2 did not change at all (though with CO2 the readings were slightly more finnicky).

Honestly I'd recommend removing it as you have easy access to experiment with removing volume from the dump chamber without doing any damage, thus you may find a good way to increase effeciency.

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Originally Posted by knightmare96 View Post
The magic box does nothing, so forget about it..
Not so!

While it is one off those semi-useless Mag "upgrades" that were so common in the 90's (think Hurricane Valve, or Twister Cap) it does serve one purpose, albeit an underhanded one...

The one thing that the Magic Box DOES do effectively, is ironically the one thing paintballers were trying to prevent from happening in the mid-90s.

Beavertails became mandatory on Autocockers to prevent people from thumbing the pin and fire hot shots...

The Automag never had any problem with hot shots, because it was a blowforward, and had no external moving parts other than the trigger. The magic box allowed Co2 users to tip their mag sideways, and allow liquid Co2 to enter the "magic box". For some reason (I've never actually taken a magic box apart to see exactly what it is) this did not let liquid C02 into the valve, but rather let the mag shoot hot for a few shots, and then chuff like you wouldn't believe.

I have half of a Splash Magic-Minimag that I'd be willing to donate to science, if anyone wants me to cut it up?
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ok so the next question is, is a magic box mag worth anymore than a standard mag???????????
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I tried to sell my Magic-Mini on PbN a year or so back, and people all offered to buy JUST the splash kit, or JUST the marker without the valve, and one went as far as to tell me that the magic box made the gun LESS valuable (obviously he doesn't know how to unscrew 1/8" fitting, oh well) and lowballed me by $50.
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