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What is an AIM Eagle 21 Body Worth?

Hey everyone,

I had someone offer me an Eagle AIM Body for $80. I know little about cockers. (As far as I know its just the body) Is this a fair price? Thanks for the help!
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Not worth it, and imo not really a nice body style. Its big, and there are really like no parts that look good on it. I've also seen em for less
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I would take the money if someone offered me it for a body, not worth it
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Sorry, I meant he said I could buy it from him for $80.
Is that just too high a price? Or is it just not worth it to you because you don't like the design? Not accusing, simply curious.

I like the ability to attach your own feednecks, which is the main draw at the moment.
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That's a lot for just a cocker body, especially one that only a limited number of folks actually like.

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Since the Sniper craze is back, people have been asking outragouse prices for cocker parts. They think just because they put a pump on the body it automatically makes it a $300 dollar gun

Eagle body is not rare either.


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You really hit on the only advantage as far as I'm concerned, the ability to use angel threaded feednecks. Otherwise unless you really like the aesthetics of that milling style (and few people do), it is not worth the $80.

If you bought it to flip (which I wouldn't recommend) you may be able to unload it on an enthusiast for $80, but that is only if its undrilled.

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I always liked the aim bodies, guess I'm one of the few. I've seen a few aim 21 eagle bodies sell on customcockers forums for around 50-60 so I'd offer him that and see what he says.
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It is worth about $60. They are fine bodies, but as you can see on this thread many people don't care for their looks.
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