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Smokin Pants

Who has these? Thoughts/opinions/feelings? I'm especially interested in durability and fit; if any of our other, ahem, larger gentleman have an opinion on sizing I'd be most interested .

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I'm 6' 2" , 250lbs (XXL) and I'm very happy with mine, in fact I have three pairs (2x Tiger, 1x ACU). The fit is great and very adjustable and comfortable. The heavy duty foam inserts took about half a day of play to get used to but I don't even notice them now. The inserts make kneeling, sliding, crawling etc. painless on all terrain. The pant material is very tough (particularly in the knees) and even after 3+ years of rough treatment I've never been able to damage mine. I have two minor complaints: The ACU pair uses a different "slicker" fabric and doesn't breath all that well and my Tigerstripe pairs are fading a bit but that's probably because I don't follow the care instructions (which say to hang dry them). I'm going to drop them in some dark colored RIT dye to get them darker when I have some time.

Smokin' Pants have been a great investment for me.

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I have a pair of the old hemp ones. I LOVE them. I wish there was a little more padding in the knees, but as far as durability they're crazy. i've been wearing the same pair for a couple years now and when they're clean, you can't tell they've been used.

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