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Trade offers

I've been offered these two offers for my CCI Phantom.

This is what I have:

He's offering:

Option A. X7 Phenom in "mint condition" with cyclone upgrades (hasn't said which upgrades, exactly)

Option B. Azodin Chaos pump + $150

Which would you people pick, or would you?
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I would pick the phenom personally. Seem like nice solid guns and I always thought they had some value to them. (Could be way off base here).
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meh, neither, both are not as good as the marker you have already. I would wait for something else if you're trying to get rid of the phantom.

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Phantom are like auto cockers when it comes to resale. Lots of money in each piece, but together the price goes way down. I'd say part everything out then sell the phantom stock and figure how much you could get for everything. stock pump, stock bba (maybe macro to duckbill) no freak barrel, etc.

Just my opinion
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If you were to do either deal you wouldnt be getting screwed but still personally I wouldnt let go of that phantom for either of those two options.

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I'd keep the Phantom. Bored barrel, T-stock, u/c kit. Maybe I'm biased because it's very similar to the setup I used for a long time, but I wouldn't give it up for those options.
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I'd keep the Phantom.
If i had to pick I'm biased and would want to keep the pump so I'd say the Kaos.
But the Phenom is a better offer.
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kaos is a good gun on its own, but would be a downgrade

ask for pics of phenom so you can see exactly how mint it is and what upgrades are included. if you don't like it keep the phantom.

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Keep the Phantom.
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