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None of my Nelsons will catch the sear on the hammer unless there's air hooked up to hold the valve quill in place. Don't sweat that little issue.
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Originally Posted by TrracerAce View Post
They're the same marker. Trracer guts will fit in a Maverick and vice versa. Hell, my Maverick has the ACI Macerick logo on the side and a Trracer pump handle.

The Maverick is just the second generation of Trracers, so they tend to be newer. Some Mavericks come with adjustable bolts (these are getting rare) to make velocity changes easy, and the feednecks are narrower to fit elbows instead of 10-round tubes.
AFAIK, ACI made them, but that was when PMI was doing all of the marketing, Pursuit Marketing Inc, is a marketing company.

PMI I's, II's and III's etc. were all made by Sheridan, but have the PMI name on it, Trracers, and Tagmasters were made by ACI, but ACI had to change the name on them when they decided to not have PMI market them anymore.

Trracers/Mav's & Tag's/Hornets are neat, and if you find one with the little metal piece on the top of the trigger(inside, engages the sear), you can't double feed them as once cocked, locks the bolt forward.
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