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The Aradus barrel is a 'twist-bore', meaning you can adjust the bore of the first 4 or 5 inches by twisting the collar. I had one awhile back on an autococker, and besides helping prevent rollouts, I didn't notice a difference in accuracy.

My Vector and Nova have huge bores and are mighty accurate. Same with my KP. All are also very consistant fps-wise. I think that probably has more to do with accuracy than barrel type.
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Originally Posted by sdawg View Post
I think the quality of the paintball makes as much of a difference as anything. Probably the most difference. A round, consistently sized bag of paintballs will shoot well through any barrel, IMO.....
That's the same conclusion I've come to as well. The paint quality matters more than anything else. But oddly enough the quality isn't always related to the cost. I've had really good mid like cheapish paint and paid a little more one time and it wasn't as good as the slightly cheaper stuff. Age? Batch control? Pixies? Who knows but the paint seems to be THE determining factor.

But one thing we CAN all agree on is that "white box" paint or equivalent cheap stuff that fields like to sell to the renters is all BAD! And I don't mean BAD in the good way. I mean BAD as it should all be tossed into a landfill somewhere. I've shot white box paint that should have been called "Boomerang Bonus" since it was as likely to hit me or a teammate as the target I was aiming for.
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Multi-bore barrel kit is the best investment you can make when it comes to upgrading your marker. I would choose a barrel kit over any other upgrade.
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I haven't suffered accuracy problems, but...

Right now the fields I go to are FPO so I'm at the mercy of whatever they're carrying. My barrels are all what is now considered "large bore" with .689 being my smallest ID and .69+ being the norm.

With my CCM I'm suffering from a major case of roll outs (over half of the time if I load a ball into place and point my muzzle towards the ground). And with my Ducks, Carter Comps, etc. both roll outs and also regularly blowing up paint in the barrel is common (I expect it. It's that common).

I've borrowed guns/barrels from other players and just from being able to downsize my bore is amazingly positive in fixing my probs! If I could bring my own paint it wouldn't be so bad, but with more and more fields going to FPO it's just my opinon that having some type of kit is getting to be a necessity for somebody who's more then a casual player.
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