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I'd say spring. I have bought two cockers from "non cocker guys" who had it sitting cocked for years in a closet. Either way it looks to be an eclipse factory cocker and if he doesn't want to fix her up, I might, Seems too bad that his only cocker memories will be sour. I have changed several minds by letting them shoot mine, or fixing theirs. I hope he gets her running and playing, I know she wants to shoot......
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The velocity adjuster is a rex dialer. You turn it counter clockwise to increase velocity. Try 1/4 turns at a time. Overcompression of main spring can cause lower velocity. You stated your marker has been sitting a few years. Your reg's orings may be dry, at the very least, causing it to stick and not recharge. Try dropping a 3-4 drops of gold cup oil or equivalent into the asa and dry fire it 20-30 times to circulate the oil into your reg. Too high a psi can also cause low velocity. As a general rule, you want to set it at 300 psi. My 2 eclipse cockers, stock, seem to like 230-260 psi. Hope this helps. It's a beautiful and rare marker nowadays. Market value on yours is about $400-$500 depending and condition and if its totally stock.
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Someone finally realized that I unbanned cockerpunk many many moons ago.
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YOU MOTHER****ER!!!!! That was one of my best bans ever!!!!
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As paintballedbackin88 mentioned you have a rex dialer. You turn it in the opposite direction to increase the velocity. I did the same thing on my eclipse. I didnt realize it was the opposite direction and couldnt figure out why the velocity kept going down.
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Update: Because the velocity adjustment screw doesn't actually back out when you "loosen" it, I thought I had it turned it all the up. This morning, I turned it about 7 rotations out and now have a gun that fires somewhere in the reasonable range, albeit very inconsistently.
My hand-chrono has a dead battery so I can't be sure, but it's definitely firing fast enough to hurt now. Unfortunately, occasional balls will be going way too fast and others will be way too slow. I'm assuming that this is just because I need to fine tune the reg and LPR to work in better concert. I don't have a gauge on the gun so I haven't a clue what the pressure is right now. I'm going to go buy one and see if I can get it ripping. When it's working, she does shoot ropes...when it's working. I'm just not at a point in my life where I want to fiddle with my marker for fun anymore.
Anyway, thanks for getting me started guys. You've made a HUGE difference!
Side note for all you who were fawning over her, look for her in the sale thread in the next few weeks. It is in great shape with under 13,000 shots.
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Marker Porn for you cocker lovers.
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Probably rollouts are your issue now, cockers are closed bolt so if the paint is too small it will roll out. Try point slightly up and see if you still have a problem. If so get a ball sizer, use a piece of electrical tape, nail polish etc to keep the balls from rollling out
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