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Will never deal with him again, similar issues years ago.
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Joe has always been a flake. When he is good, things go seamless, but when they don't go right you may as well break out the "boy butter". Too many teammates screwed over the years to deal with him anymore. Sad too, I used to do a lot of business with him.

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Originally Posted by wrongbloke View Post
Do a search around here for more info, there's been other threads like yours.

What it boils down to is that the guy can sometimes be a crook or slow as hell most of the time. Never order anything on his website, you probably won't see your money or goods again. If you must have what he is offering get it off of eBay, he more often fulfills those orders since there are real consequences if he doesnt deliver. I believe he sells under the name scrodmaster.
Sums it up. He also sells under another name but it escapes me at the moment.
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lol good luck, but if you need some wwa stickers lmk :P
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I have purchased from WWA a number of times over the last few years with no problems. All have been from his ebay store.
So when a member on here asked me to third party some parts out of the country for him from WWA, I decided to try it. I sent Joe a message through ebay asking for a quote for many items. Not only did he get right back to me with a quote, but he gave me a great bulk discount. I made payment and quickly got a shipping confirmation from PayPal.
Well, the parts quickly arrived at my house, but once I opened it up I found it out was missing half of the order. I emailed him and didn't get a response for a couple days. He replied, apologized and promised to get the rest out right away. Four days later, still nothing. I sent him two more messages, and I received a PayPal shipping confirmation.
Today the package arrived, and it still does not include everything. It is still missing one piece. I was very clear in my earlier messages about what was missing. He still could make this right, but it amazes me how difficult this transaction was.
I like the guys products and may even purchase individual parts from him on ebay, but I think I learned my lesson about off ebay purchases.
I realize that this is not new information to many of you, but I just need to vent.
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I've ordered from his site three times. The first two transactions went well, he shipped out the next day on those IIRC. But it took the third order about a month to arrive, and it was missing an item. After several unanswered emails I decided to just take the loss and order elsewhere.
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