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Pump cocker: is a valve still a valve by any other name (all the same or not)

Hey guys. Just wondering your thoughts about the different available valves when it comes to put one in a pump cocker.

CCM versus WGP versus Planet Eclipse versus ANS versus it just preference? Does it make a difference in a pump? Does it makes a difference in a mech?
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dimensions of the valve and valve stem will determine the operating pressure.
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It can make a very small difference in the weight of springs needed, but will not be enough to make or break your pump build.
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IMO the valve is only super important on a pump if you're trying to run unregged 12 grams
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With a pump it will make the smallest different, more so with a mech. TBH though, as long as you sweet spot your valve/reg, I wait to get a new valve until I have money to burn. I've loved the Tornado valve, rat valve, PPS LT HP valve, ccm valve, etc. etc. It all depends on how you want to run your pump. HP (so you can run 12gs for stock class or you don't want to use a reg for whatever reason - i.e. vert 4oz tank), mid pressure or low pressure? Are you gonna play stock class, limited paint or open class? CA or 12gs? HPA or CO2?

For instance running 12g for a stock class sniper setup, you'd want PPS's LT HP valve.

If you wanted to run open class using HPA at lower pressures, get the rat valve, the tornado valve (my favorite but costs way more than the others) or ccm's valve.

IMO if you want the best valve for low pressure operation on HPA or CO2, you have to get a merlin body kit
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Thanks for the input guys. My pump is open class with an inline HPR and constant air. It's shooting fine with my stock WGP valve but I have an Planet Eclipse valve just sitting in my spare parts box. I guess if it ain't broke right?

Is it a good idea to have a spare valve or do they not break/need to be replaced? I can see the o-ring may need replacing but what about the stem?
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For a pump, it will not make a huge difference. AKA is the best IMHO, but the cost is not cheap.
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Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
For a pump, it will not make a huge difference. AKA is the best IMHO, but the cost is not cheap.
Ravi would seem to agree.


As you´ve probably gathered by this point, AKA´s low pressure setup provides what is very likely the lowest pressure operation and highest efficiency currently available for the Autococker. The trade-offs for this cutting-edge performance are demanding performance requirements for the rest of your paintgun, limitations on the accessories you can use, and a steep price of entry for the whole system installed.

Add to the $250 cost for the package the price of professional installation and any components you may need to add or replace to support this demanding system and you are looking at a substantial investment in your paintgun.

When you consider that people regularly spend much more than this on purely cosmetic work for their Autocockers, it doesn´t seem like all that bad a deal. On the other hand, when you consider that other valves on the market provide 75-80% of the AKA system´s performance without the limitations and at 20% of the cost, the waters become a little murkier.

I do heartily recommend the Lightning bolt to anyone and everyone who shoots and Autococker or Minicocker. It´s an exceptionally well made piece and offers performance that betters that of any other bolt I´ve tried. As for the rest of the AKA system, it really depends on just how important low pressure operation and ultra-high efficiency are to you. If they´re crucial factors, you won´t find another system that works better than this.
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The RAT II valve offers neither the lowest pressure (something that Bad Boyz Toyz regards as a gimmick of little genuine value) nor the absolute highest efficiency of any valve setup available. It does, though, offer 80-90% of the very best efficiency available at a small fraction of the ultimate cost required to squeeze out that last 10-20%.

Ultimately, the RAT valve II offers lower price, innovative design, superb performance, unmatched ease-of-installation and use, and comes with the thoroughbred Bad Boyz Toyz/Danny Love pedigree. If you’re looking for a fairly priced way to improve your Autococker’s efficiency, or just want to spend more money on a cool upgrade for your ’gun (admit it, a lot of you do it!), this valve is a proven performer that should not disappoint.
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Now now... why aren't any of you familiar with the Palmers LT valves? they make a difference alright... they change the sound profile. super LP valves will bring it down a bit but honestly it's more to do with the turbulence of the valve opening... the LT makes the quietest sound signature and this DOES effect your pump gun. I use these valves in my best markers (including the custom valvetrain in my Illusion), I know Russ is also a fan of these valves as well.
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Would you say the palmer's LT valve is quieter than the CCM valve?
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