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DarkShadowHunter 10-30-2012 11:52 PM

Specs on the JCS RVA for the 98 series
I need some information on the JCS RVA for the 98 series. I would like to know what size bolt they use for the velocity screw. Also how much material is extending beyond the rear end cap area?

I ask because I am taking a machine tool class and I can do an additional "government job" if I choose to do so.

Thanks in advance.

Prologix 11-01-2012 04:59 PM

Have you considered milling yourself a copy of the 98c clam shell? If so do it out of a material that can take anno.
Make the outside with random lines to further show how custom it is.

I think your asking for blueprints of a product someone currently makes and most likely that will not happen.

DarkShadowHunter 11-01-2012 05:52 PM

I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to get the specs.

If I knew more about machining and had more time in the semester I would consider the shells. The class I am currently taking is basically an introduction to machining.

I did manage to get specs for the velocity screw off an old A-5 RVA at my home field. I may just use that and figure out how much material I want sticking out the back of the 98.

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