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Need Contact info for an Dirk Gadberry of the 1996 Ironmen

This is the picture that got me into autocockers in 1996. It's a photo of an advertisement from the November 1996 APG. I spoke to Dick Gadberry on the phone the day I got this magazine and told him I would call him back to make this same autococker for me. I never did it. I'm embarassed.

I want to live the dream that I once had. I want this autococker.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Dirk Gadberry or ANYONE from the old school Ironmen? I'm on a man hunt to see if I can get this gun made.

Note: The phone number is obviously disconnected. Does anyone know if his shop is still open?
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I thought some of the older Ironmen guys were playing on the Dye Tatical Ironmen team...swear I saw him in a video
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I wish you nothing but luck in this endeavor.

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While I understand the desire to have a marker from the man himself, if it doesn't pan out for whatever reason, I'd like to offer my services as an option.

I've been a 'Cocker fan from early on, and they're still my favorite marker today. Duplicating that pictured gun would be relatively easy and straightforward- the most difficult part of the build will be simply finding an anodizer that still does that old-style splash anno. (That's a PK job, most likely, and PK still does it, but at a very steep price.)

Let me know if I can help.
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Thanks Washington and Mr. McGee!

Doc, you are such a logical choice and I'm embarrasses I didn't think of you for the job. Lets discuss. I'll email you.
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Maybe try contacting Bob Long. I think he's still around somewhere
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That is one sweet Autococker, I'd love you see the finished product.
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Why not go on a hunt for the gun itself or one of the others he made? They do pop up from time to time, though usually not as elaborate as that one. The one I have, as well as the other I've seen for sale realtively recently did not include the same sight rail milling, not that unusual shroud...
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I highly doubt he will have the equipment, connections to parts, ability, and desire to make one of these 16 years later.
I think you better go with Doc
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It is sweet. I like that minimagesque shroud and barrel combo. I would just want an actuall foregrip instead of the hose, but it is awesome. Looks like all palmer's pneus?
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