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#1 are igniters in my book..kinda hard to get past it..

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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Yup, it seems like the insulation breaks down over time causing the ignitor not to spark inside the chamber. Mine went bad just hanging on the wall.
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They go quickly at 75. I think the market would bear 125 for one in good working order...

The problem is that I've never seen one in good working order. I bought one from Mayvik and it shocks me whenever I fire it.
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Its funny, a few years back you couldn't buy a broken one for under $160.
I bought mine in a bag. then they price started to drop. but recently they have climbed again. I just got one for a customer who was willing to pay close to the original $200.

as for them not working, I have yet to see that. mine works great, the one I bought for the customer was all dry so he purchased all the o-rings ( i think) and we rebuilt it . His shoots great. All the ones I ever sold in my store still seem to be going strong.
I think people who own them just don't understand how to tune them.

My only gripe about the C3 is they went through the trouble of putting a wire detent for double feeds and didn't extend it to do roll outs.
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Last I heard of a major shop (albeit online), they were selling for $60 iirc. I regret missing out on that.

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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Be careful investing a lot unless you mean CHEAP because you might be sitting on them for a while.
-That's what I'm worried about. If I buy 'em, I'll probably have to take the lot, and then pay to get it shipped over to me. Depending on the cost of shipping- it'll be a fair sized box- I'd probably have to charge $90-$100 each just to break even.

I don't think they have boxes, but supposedly they have loaders and barrel bags. Don't know about owners manuals, tools or spare parts, but unlikely.

Supposedly they'd been serviced by Tippmann- just fixed or actually refurbished I don't know- and then put into storage and unused since.

I have no parts or spares, and actually very little direct experience with the C3, so I'd be reselling the extras as-is, where-is.

I haven't committed yet, and may pass simply because I already have too many things to try and get done before the end of the year, but if it happens, I'll let y'all know.

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You could always just buy one, let it sit on a shelf, and rebuild it in 15 years during another MCB restoration contest!
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I don't think you'd even be able to make your initial investment back if you're paying $100 each.
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i kinda want one too, lol.
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They're better than a cup of strong joe at waking me up.

I should use one every day.........would cut my Tim Horton costs down dramatically
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