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what do you enjoy more?

my buddy and i had a debate if you can only keep one marker which one would you keep? So i ask you guys what your taste is in paintball markers...if you had to keep just one marker, which one would you keep?
G6R? VSC Phantom? Mech WGP Black Magic? or CCM S6? and why?
just wanted to see what types of responses we could get from this thread.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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You should set up a poll.

Out of those choices, I'd keep the mech WGP black magic. It's the most convertable(you can change to pump or bump up to electro). Parts will always be easy to come by. And it's easier to change things up if you get bored of it.

If you look in the BST you won't find as many loose parts for those other guns.
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my 2008 spyder electra. it has eyes and is "good enough." i know it inside out and can fix anything. barely any complicated parts. can use both co2 and hpa. worst case scenario if the reg fails i can even just remove it and run it unregged. nothing from ions to egos can do that, and if they can they probably cost more than i paid for this go-to gun of mine.
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I'd have to go with the Black Magic. Like ta2maki said, it's easily the most versatile, and once you get comfortable with them cockers aren't that hard to maintain. Most will run like tops once set up correctly, and rarely need much in the way of adjustment if everything is tight and you leave them alone.

I have a CCM series 5 that I will never sell for the same reasons - it's fun, accurate, and can easily be switched between pump and mech play.
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Out of your choices I would say the S6, Open Class Pump is simple and reliable but yet versatile.

My RF Pyre, works every time [reliable], Wedgits in the barrel take care of paint inconsistencies without multiple barrels/inserts, not too heavy not too light, internal regulator is rock stable, I really do not adjust velocity just verify, and did I mention reliable? It takes me more time to load paint into the hopper then get the gun ready. I enjoy playing paintball and not having equipment headaches when I get a chance to play means more playing and less fiddling.

Side Note - My Pyre is great for me specifically but basically any RELIABLE and Consistent Pump would be my choice for "the one" and only Paintgun. Pump has less to go wrong -> tend to be less of a hassle with little required attention.

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Originally Posted by Grendel View Post
Out of your choices I would say the S6, Open Class Pump is simple and reliable but yet versatile.
I literally typed the same thing and then I read yours
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I'd say my marq7, very reliable and smooth.
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The Black Magic just from the point of versatility and reliability. You can run it mech, pump, or even eblade it.
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Well if modification of that one marker is possible, then the S6 is just as good a choice (or better, really) than the Black Magic... not impossible to get a semi pneumatics kit made for an S6
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I don't know any of these markers, for that reason I would like to bring out the Montneel Mega-Z. Super efficient, and can be made to run pump. /illogical/
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