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New Regulator Venting

So I got my new barrel kit today (thanks Coyote!) and took some shots with my Azodin Kaos Pump to test em out. About halfway through my session the regulator started vending Co2 very quickly.

Not just a minor leak, major venting out of the little hole in the middle of the regulator. I have the Azodin Kaos Pump 2011, so it has the rock steady regulator/rock steady reg seat.

The marker still holds pressure and fires oddly. I'm not sure whats going on, i've put less then 500 balls through this marker so far, so I'm surprised to have such a profound leak. I'm shooting indoors but am running Co2.
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Is the co2 tank anti-siphoned? I'm thinking the reg needs an o-ring rebuild.
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I never had good luck with Azodin regulators and Co2. I would rebuild the reg and switch to HPA as soon as possible.

If HPA isn't possible in your area look into replacing your stock reg with a Palmers Stablizer and/or an Anti-siphon Co2 tank.

Call Azodin, they have amazing customer support and will most likely send you reg rebuild Orings for free.
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Before all that, just give it a really healthy dose of oil through the ASA and the VASA, then try again.

Fixed my sniper reg and I was having the exact same problem
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you need a new o-ring on the reg seat. the problem with azodins (I've personally found) is that it's hard to get to 280-290 fps. so what you do is turn the reg up has high as possible and pushing the threshold of going far enough out with the set screw and then.... BAM the o-ring rips. it happen to me more then once. what you want to do is try and find a shim to go at the end of the velocity spring, up against back cap velocity adjustment. i'll post a pic of the one i made for my Blitz. or just buy a heavier velocity spring or a lighter valve spring.
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