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Help with fabric dye for Molle

I'm putting together several molle rigs for different formats of play.
I've amassed a pretty good collection of pouches, belts, etc. These are seriously mismatched in color however, since I got most of the stuff used from various army/navy stores and whatnot.
Anyways, I want the stuff to match because I feel the need to present a clean appearance and I'm going to try to dye a lot of this stuff black (I've got multicam stuff which will stay how it is, but I think black for the rest of it will be the best to match various team jerseys and what not).

All that explanation leads to the issue.
I have no experience with fabric dye. I'm dealing with a variety of fabrics (velcro, various grades of nylon, polyester, spandex, all the usual stuff for mid level tactical gear). I'm also dealing with various existing patterns (some woodland, some coyote, some ranger green, acu, etc.)

What is the best dye for this situation? RIT has been recommended to me- are there other good options? Any tips/tricks?
I'm looking to achieve a finish that is machine washable.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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different materials will absorb dye differently, some may come out black others purplish or grey

honeslty multicam looks fine with coyote and ranger green, the acu and woodland i would suggest maybe spraypainting to either coyote or ranger green.

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I'm not worried about the stuff matching the multicam, I need it to match black/grey jerseys and other colors like blue. Camo colors IMHO will look wierd for some of these applications and there is a need to present a professional team image.

I've tried spraypainting soft goods before with poor results. The paint just flakes off eventually or fades really fast. Doesn't hold up well to machine washing or sweat. Unless there's some special brand of paint that I don't know about or something, I won't go that route again.
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If you are going with Black, go with RIT or any other well known fabric dye. Yes, the stuff will DYE differently. I dyed some blue paintball pants black and some of the Nylon turned out dark purple and some of the fabric (a strange stretchy elastic rubber material) did not take the dye at all. The mesh parts (cotton?) went solid black.

Hot water (boil it or simmer it on the stove if you have a big enough metal container) is recommended. Also leave it in there a long time as it is not going to make it "too" black. Once it is done, follow all the instructions on the package for rinsing it etc.
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From the Rit Dye people:

Tips for Success | Rit Dye
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Thanks for the help!
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