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I had an "incident" recently with some Valken Fate I bought. I was getting breaks in a .693 back, breaks with a turned my Ego 11 into a thousand dollar blender. It was the worst day of paintball I've ever had.... I actually wished I was at work. So I know the frustration you were feeling.
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No one likes a dirty slot lol.
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I've played pump against the worst of the paintball scum bags, do I hang it up? Nah.... I play angrier.
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I've shot that crazy brittle allstar. It's awesome paint.

Multiple big problems with that paint. It IS brittle. And the paint itself is goddamn impossible to shoot through. Breaks compound... When you break one ball, you break a string of balls afterwards. Your accuracy is gone. And you're ugly, too.

Tune to mini to run more gently. Reduce your FPS if you need to. Make any sacrifice necessary to reliably get that paint out of the barrel... And believe or not, the Mini has an easier time being gentle than real "high end" guns.

Then... Just use the paint as your greatest advantage. Breaks on ANYTHING. Fantastic.
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I just talked to a Kee rep today and he said the problem with the orange Allstars has been fixed..IMO its not worth the chance..

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its just the paint

Maybe it was too cold, the paint was thin shelled, who knows

I've shot the most brittle of brittle of paint through my Axe without ANY problems. GI Milsim 5 star, Ultra Evil, its extremely soft on paint

You don't need an aftermarket bolt, the stock one works perfectly

The only other things I would look at, is

1) check to make sure your detents are functioning properly. Unscrew them and check to make sure one isn't stuck or something

2) Make sure your loader and your pods are clean. Trying to shoot wet paint can give you the illusion that the balls are breaking/chopping, when in fact the balls were just soaked in paint before even getting into your breech

3) Are you positive you didn't accidentally turn the eyes off? By maybe holding the trigger when you turned the gun on?

A couple hundred rounds is hardly any concern. Now, if you continued to have this problem across multiple types of paint, 3+ cases later, then I'd be worried.

When in doubt, always just do a "drop" test and see how brittle the paint is. It should bounce from about waist level if you drop it onto the sidewalk, but break from 6+ feet up.

Clean everything up, replace your battery, inspect the paint, inspect the detents, you'll most likely find it was just a brittle bag of paint
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Lots of good info here....thanks guys.

I played indoors tonite and shot about 800 rounds of Marballizer with no issues whatsoever, so that's a good sign. Unfortunately I still have over 1000rds of that Allstar left that I just can't bring myself to throw away....
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Use it in a sling shot. It's fun!
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