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Dry firing

Am I correct in my understanding that dry firing a marker is less efficient on air than with paint? I am speaking about an Automag specifically. When teching my Mags, I notice that they seem to blow through a lot of air when I am just dry firing. I can take a 48/3k tank and empty it is what seems to be a few hundred shots at most. Not a huge issue except air fills are an hour a way and gets costly quick. Would covering the barrel/feedneck create back pressue that would make it more efficient when doing this?

edit- I know about using scubas, shoebox compressors etc. not looking for ways to get more air, just ways to make what I get more efficient when teching.

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Yes, it drains tanks faster. Plugging the barrel might help more than just a barrel bag, but I can't imagine it would help too much unless you close off the barrel ports as well. Even then, it always seemed to drain things faster than with paint.
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how about using reballs?
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On a mag, in my experience, it also seems to make the foamie at the tip of the bolt more likely to come off.
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Originally Posted by Mishotaki View Post
how about using reballs?
I have plenty of spare paint laying around, so thats not the issue. When just wanting to fiddle around I don't want to have to load up and go outside. I find that most days that I am doing fine tuning or tinkering are days that the weather is miserable and thus I'm inside bored.
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