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Getting the most out of my Hammer 7

How's it going, everyone? New to the forum, but I figure this is the right place. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So basically, been paintballing for 6 years, I was rocking a 98 custom with a flatline until last week, bought myself a Hammer 7. Took it out today, loved pump play! Way more intense bunkering fellas with a pump. I was running first strikes in the mag, and valken infinite in a 50 ball hopper. It shot good, but not great. I'm here to ask you knowledgeable folks how I can do that! I've done some research, but I just want to make sure I'm gettin the best setup I can. I'd like to be able to run mags only, combination of 9 round first strikes and 15 round MRX mags.

So here's what I'm thinking:
Lapco assault .687 10" barrel
Some sort of riser, killjoy 2?
Cheapo tube red dot
A regulator. If I'm not mistaken, a reg will help my consistency, and thus accuracy. Not sure how putting a reg on it works.
Possibly a bottom line.

So how close am I here? Is this a setup that will keep me competitive? I play woodsball 90% of the time, occasional speedball. Will the lapco be a good balance for round paint and First Strikes? Or would the Hammerhead be a better choice? Thoughts, experience? Or would I be better off just flex honing the stock barrel? So many options..

There's already information up about the different risers so I won't bother asking about them, but if you have insight, please share

I have experience with sights, so that leaves the regulator. Suggestions? Where to buy? If its worth it or not? Also, bottom line, same questions, not sure how to search for a bottom line that will fit the H7.

Other than these, what can I do to increase performance? I read about changing springs, with a phantom spring kit, and polishing some internals. What specifically needs polishing, and what have I ought to use to polish with?

P.S. I read all of the several hundred pages of posts about the H7, so I hope I'm not re asking questions, feel free to point me in the right direction if I'm way off.

Thanks for reading!
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A reg will only help so much as Nelson's are pretty consistent. What kind of gas do you use? A aftermarket barrel is always nice and the smaller the bore the better. Respringing it is a great idea especialy if you flute the hammer. I am not a scope kinda guy but if you like them then go ahead.
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As far as the barrel goes, you kinda have two different things going on. What size is your Valken coming in at? 687 or smaller? FS rounds I believe sit at a 690 or so. Iirc you DO NOT want to under bore FS rounds as it damages the fins, which in turn hinders its effectiveness. Standard paint on the other hand can benefit from a slight under bore, especially on a closed bolt marker.

So what does all that mean? A few options:
1) Continue as is. Get closer when not shooting FS.
2) Get two barrels or a kit, and only shoot one type of round at a time.
3) Find larger bore paint (Good luck with this one. If you do, let the brass guys know)

As far as the other parts go, raisers and sights are personal preference. As is a bottom line. Some people can shoot back bottle Nelson's. I can't.

The regulator on the other hand probably isn't going to change your consistency as much as you'd think. At least not in this case. I'm willing to bet you're noticing inconsistent velocities when shooting regular paint. If you're still using the stock barrel, that's mostly likely why. The stock barrel probably bores in at a 689 or larger.

Hope this helps.
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Well, I'm still debating. I have a 12 oz and a 4 oz that I've been liking comfort wise and budget wise. I have a small steely that I could use, it's just so much cheaper to use co2 at my field. I was under the impression that co2 wasn't as much a disadvantage when using a pump, am I wrong?

Well the stock barrel is overbored like crazy, both FS and the infinity rolled right through. So the first strike has got to be smaller than .690.

Would I be better off getting Alpha to rethread my breech to autococker threads? I have a nice AC barrel set.

So can anyone point me in the right direction as to how and where to buy and attach a bottomline ASA?? I've been looking and just can't find one that will fit.
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Hers my H7 with a standard Cp on/off ASA,used 1/8 npt to 1/8 flare adapters and automotive brakeline for the hardline,the adapter to backbottle I had was from a misc box of stuff I got in trade
I havent upgraded my barrel yet,was thinking of a J&J ceremic to keep this a low cost build,I've found my H7 to be pretty consitant with air
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