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semi guns...

since there are quite a few pump players on this forum, i might as well as this question since its bothering me, do you guys have a semi gun that you keep in your bag or all you own is pump gun? I have a G6R, i love the gun to death but i dont think its necessary to use the marker in walk on/open semi play unless is speedball or a tourney, question is, if you were me, would you keep me or sell it? i dont need money but i dont use it as much as my pump guns. i guess i adapted to pump play as my play of choice esp walk on/ open semi play. anyone else feel like this?
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Kinda. Depends on the events, I usually bring four or five, sometimes more. Usually two or three pumps, then a mech and sometimes on a rare occasion, an electro.
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I always keep my DM in my bag for two main reasons:

1) It ALWAYS works.
2) You never know when you're gonna need some extra fire power
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on a normal weekend of play I'll usually bring a couple of pumps. If it's a longer game or trip out of town I'll toss 4-5+ guns in the bag including a mix of pumps and semis.
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Don't kid yourself there are some electro guys here too. I'm not one of them.....but they exist.

99.9% of the time everything I bring to the field for me to play with is a pump. Occasionally I'll throw in my old cocker or something, just to be reminded what it's like, but I always shoot too much, and move too little so I quickly go back to pump.

I own them....I just rarely shoot them.

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OP, since you said you have a G6R why don't you sell it (when there is still a market for it) and pick up something rare like a Viking/Excal or something similar?

I have a few electros even though I rarely play with them, for most game just my Peregrine is enough. However I sold any electros that doesn't retain value over time. I only have private label electros gun right now.
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I've got multiple guns, of multiple types. I usually take 3-4 any given time I go to play and go with the flow. If it's mostly speedball with experienced players, then I use my Ion. If it's speedball with walk-ons, then I'll probably stick with my Phantom or Ranger, or even my PGP. My Thundercat sees a fair bit of play as well. For woods/rec play....depends how target rich the environment is lol

I like to cycle them through, keeps the moving parts moving that much better.
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I am predominantly a pump player but I will shoot whatever gun when the mood strikes me. I have been bringing a S6, eNMEy, and Tribal to the field lately (Tribal has had no field time, still trying to work out a bug). I will probably start bringing my SC and OC Phantoms as well.

One thing to note is that I don't play tournaments and the only speedball I will play is with pumps.
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Since many of us have 20+ markers that are a mix of pumps and semis, this question is really hard to answer... Honeslty though, if you don't intend to use it and don't want to "collect" it, I say you might as well sell it. You can always buy a few more later on if you decide you want to play semi.

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OP: I was in that situation last year. I loved my Axe as a gun but it never saw play time for the same reasons as you. I ended up trading it for an MVP which I use all time time. I picked up an eNMEy for when I do feel like playing semi and it totally scratches that itch for practically nothing and I don't care if it gets beat up.

Unless your semi is particularly collectible then I say sell it if its just sitting around. You can always buy a G6r later (and for less) if you miss it that much.
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