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How much is a kapp autococker slider frame worth?

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Eleventy seven canadian pennies... But seriously? Um, condition, chrome, ano, complete, kapp trigger plate or other, roller sear, grips, scratches?

I guess if its pretty beat and empty, $20. If it is immaculate and all original or with a nicer trigger plate and roller sear with or without grips $50-60 shipped would be a fair price I would think. You MAY be able to sneak a bit more out of it if it is really in minty shape. All depends on the buyer... and I may be interested if I can accrue some fundage.
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Depends on color and condition. I'm guessing it's chrome. Decent cocker frames have been a bit scarce and going up in price but I'd say 50-60 is in the right ballpark.

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polished silver to purple fade.

btw, those are just smudges from crud, they wipe off.

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That's an AKA trigger plate. I'd give you $15+shipping just for it. I'd say the empty frame is worth a solid $40 (more if it was black). The KAPP frame have a trigger stop in the front of the frame. It's very rare to find any trigger stop on a 98+ frame. It makes for a very short trigger pull on a mech and nice autotrigger on a pump. However, it won't work properly with the AKA trigger plate because it has a slotted timing rod.
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