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Women's paintball clothing: Is it just a myth?


I have browsed through every major retailer's website hoping to find anything made to fit a female. No such luck. I can't even find gloves that aren't a double XL, so I just use my Dakota work gloves.

Anyway, usually jeans or yoga pants and a t shirt or my CADPAT tunic works just fine, but as I'm heading to my first scenario game in June, I'd really like to invest in some gear. Preferably some basic pants that don't have a crotch so low that I will trip over it, and a nice, super-lightweight longsleeved shirt.

I don't need anything padded or heavy duty like a chest protector, I just want something that will keep me cool in a hot, mosquito-ey forest. If I can't find a paintball top, I will get an Under Armour to put under the tunic, but I would definitely like some good quality paintball pants because I tend to come out covered head to toe in mud, even on a normal field. I don't think jeans will survive three days of that kind of abuse.

I'd rather not spend tons of money on buying small sizes in men's wear, because they just don't fit right. Any tips/ links are very much appreciated, thanks!
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There used to be a great selection of ladies paintball gear, but it definitely seems to have gone away.

Paintball Jerseys and Pants hardly fit the men that wear them correctly. The crotch is too low for most people (except professional snow boarders) and the jerseys are usually worn massively huge to increase the likelihood of bounces.

I would look for some good female oriented working pants that have double knees that can accept foam knee pads. For me the only paintball gear that is totally essential besides the mask is pants with good padding.

I have a pair of carhart pants that have double knees and they are tough as nails and real comfortable. They are stiff when new though. They accept foam knee pads that are always where you want them to be and don't require any elastic (which always slips down) to do it.

It might be possible that there are some nice female work pants out there since there is a much bigger market for that. The only bad thing is that most work pants won't have elastic in the crotch and in other areas where it is really nice to have elastic, but my "smokin paintball" pants had no elastic either. The other thing I Don't like about the Carharts is that they have metal rivets on the front of the pants that will guarantee a ball break if they take a hit.

You are on the right track getting non paintball gear that will work for you.

The military has a lot of ladies and any BDU's will be available in a size that fits you just right..or right enough for the Government. That is definitely worth a look since ladies sizes in military clothing are usually bottom of the barrel since most people wanting camo gear are much larger. The only bad thing about BDU's is that they don't have built in padding and add on padding is really obnoxious and moves around when you slide on it or really try to do anything. I hate re adjusting pads.

You are right to use whatever gloves work well for you. You don't need ARMOR on the outside of your hand..just something to make it so you don't get bloody knuckles every find something that fits nice and snug and doesn't make you feel like you can't use your fingers. I use full finger gloves and I replace them as they wear out. My gloves have saved me from hand damage multiple times. They just make it easier for me to play harder. You get used to the lack of trigger feel.

I don't know if I have ever seen any "ladies cut" paintball jerseys. In that department you definitely will want to skip it or get an XS or S..which is also nice because those are typically discounted heavily once they are a year or two old. M, L, XL sell out while XXL and S and XS stick around forever.

Also you are right that normal jeans will just not hold up. Mine are good for 1 day of paintball play and then the dumpster. Maybe 2.

Here is an example of something good..besides the rivets the pads roll up like a taco and get jammed up between the two layers in the front of the jeans.. they don't have any chance of coming out on their own at all and don't have to clasp onto your leg and chaffe you mercilessly to stay where you want them to be. Its the best.

Something like that might be your best bet..besides just getting whatever mens size paintball pants fit you well enough. Make sure your paintball pants have serious padding. A few years ago most paintball pants had "some" padding but it wasn't nearly enough for me to play the way I wanted to without beating myself up. Things may have improved. Carhartts are nice just not stretchy.
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I wear tight leather pants and something lacy up top. You should try it. On the serious side, Cuhna is packed full of good advise. Paintball pants are a wonderful thing and going baggy on all your gear is the way to go. If it just doesn't work you might be S.O.L. I tend to believe that the paintball market has many more shall we say fluffy players than female. BDU's are a great way to go if you can't find a pair of pants you like, my friend doesn't play in anything else and they work. I would like to say you can make your own, but I do not want to sound sexist. One more avenue to try might be contacting Mar on here. He is doing a run of dbd pants and may do a custom cut for you if you ask nice. He's a perv, but thats why we love him. Welcome to Mcb.
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Also check out ladies' hunting gear. Especially this time of year, most sporting goods stores have last fall's on clearance.
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Considering you're in the Lower Mainland, I suggest you go to's Coquitlam location and try on some of their soft goods. There isn't really "women's" sizing but you can take a look at what's available.
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@Cunha: thanks for that detailed answer, it's full of great ideas! I like the work pants idea a lot. I wirk for a concrete contractor so I have heavy duty work pants that are well worn in, I just don't want to be barreling through a forest in them in +30 C haha. However, I will definitely pop over to Mark's Work Warehouse and see if they have a thinner, lighter option.

My gloves are Dakota work gloves with flexible gel pads on the joints. For better mobility, I just cut the tips of the index and middle fingers off an old pair.

I do have a BDU tunic, I forgot our CADPAT is Digi Camo to you Americans . I picked up a men's small and took it in a bit with a sewing machine.

But back to the point: Great tips, thanks for such good ideas!

@Leathalh: I laughed so hard at the first bit that I ended up coffee flavoured lmao. Thanks for that.

I don't consider making my own gear sexist at all, it's a great idea. I'm no Martha freaking Stewart, but I can sew basics. Sewing in my own knee pads would solve the problem, I think.

Wearing stretchy yoga pants almost always guarantees a bounce for me as opposed to a break, and they are super comfy and easy to move in. I could easily thicken up the knees and outer thighs for sliding.

Oh and thanks also for the tip about Mar, I will be investigating that lead shortly. Basically I mean I will message him after a nap. I am not bothered by pervs haha. I'm a female construction worker who is also on Fetlife. :P

@Whiteout: That section hadn't even crossed my mind. Being a vegetarian, I tend to avoid those places like the plague, but that is a pretty good idea for finding gear. Thanks!

@Nofxkid2005: I will definitely check that out! I'm trying to NOT walk into any paintball stores while I'm attempting to actually save up some money, but I don't think I'll hold out much longer. Do you play at NSPB? We've probably met before in passing.
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PBK Paintball (Link) seems to make pretty decent pants. The crotch doesn't seem quite as low as on my Empire pants, and they have very good build quality. They are a little on the more liberal side of padding (They still have a nice section on the knee), but that makes them quite a light and breathable pair of pants that will last you quite some time.

You can order the pants in many different colors (From neon to camo with custom options), and they certainly don't break the bank compared ($70-$100) to other bands like Dye. If you enjoy supporting charitable organizations, PBK also is offering breast cancer awareness black/pink pants, and all of the proceeds go into cancer research. GirlPaintballer (Youtube link to her video reviewing the pants) also has endorsed the quite a bit.
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@War0411: Sweet, thank you for that. That is a damn good price compared to almost everything else I've seen. For that price, it would be worth it to buy a pair or two and spend the $15-$30 to get them tailored.

I'm generally not very 'pink', but if its for a good reason then I'm down for a bit of a change. I will check the video out when I'm not on my phone
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i have noticed that "asian cut" gear in a size small is quite usable by most females. you can get dirt cheap deals on and many offer built in knee/shin pads

they state on the website that western men should get a size larger than what they would normally if ordering from that site. so i figure a size small becomes an extra small. I have also read reviews that say they have a lower waist height and a tight crotch area compared to U.S or CAD military gear.

also a vest made by Whiskey two-four ( is a great place to get a small light and moisture wicking vest. I handed mine off to my girlfriend because it fit her so well with its adjust-ability, it even follows feminine curves (an added plus). she is a size small, 5'7 and 115 lbs or so.

they dont seem to offer that style on the site any more, but if you send them the pic im sure they will make one similar to it, and with whatever pattern/pouches you would rather have.

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@SKULL: That is an awesome idea! I'm only 5'3 1/2" (Yes, that 1/2" matters, damnit!) so even XS men's sizes are insanely long on me. That broadens the options considerably. Thank you!
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