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Over Pressurized Cocker?

Gentlemen, I need your assistance today. I'm having problems with my orracle / clown shoes cocker and I don't know exactly what's going on. I suspect that I have just over pressurized the gun or that I need to rebuild the reg, but I don't know for sure. I can't get my velocity over 250 and it is very inconsistent (160, 230, 250, 175...). Here are the facts:

1) Input pressure on the reg is 250. In an effort to bring the velocity up, I have jacked it up as high as 500 psi, but this did not raise the velocity (plus, it blows 3 way hoses at that point...)
2) Rear velocity screw is about halfway in. If I back it all the way out, it drops the velocity to about 160fps. Anywhere from halfway to all the way in doesn't increase the velocity above 250.
3) If I start jacking up the pressure, the blowback out the top of the feedneck is so intense that it only feeds every other ball (using a non-force feed hopper).
4) The gun shot lasers about a month ago. It was colder at that time, plus, I have switched out the LPR and bolt since then as well. Could either of these be a contributing factor?

My theory is that I should just set the reg at whatever the input pressure for a cocker should be (?) and then change out the hammer spring. My other thought is that I may need to rebuild the CP reg. I messed with it for about an hour at the field the other day, but to no avail. I'm at a loss. I need the input of people wiser than I.

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If you're blowing 3-way hoses increasing the HP regulator, that means the LPR isn't doing it's job regulating the pressure to the pneumatics. Once you jack up the HPR pressure, you don't have enough hammer force to open the valve sufficiently to get good velocities (only a small amount of air can pass through the valve before the air pressure behind the valve slams the cup seal shut).

Put your old LPR back on it and see how it works. That should let you drop the operating pressures back down and see an increased velocity...
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try 300- 350 for your hpr with your ivg about 2 turns in and see what that gets you. its about balancing between the 2. you may need a new main spring also.
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is your bolt in right side up?
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Make sure the valve jam nut is in place as well. That went missing in one of mine and played hell with me for a good month before I figured it out.

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